manajuma knife and ruby question

Witch Doctor

So this is my current mck.

I was wondering how much damage the knife will be with the marquise ruby.

Would it hit 1300s?

Import your character with the manajuma knife and see which does better.
yeah I know how much damage i will gain. i just want to know the damage displayed on a sword.
so you already know the damage you will gain, but you wanna know the damage displayed on the sword? who cares man seriously....
my estimate would be, 1299 dps. :D
was just curious. thanks for the reply guys :P
take 160 * 1.46 + weapon dps = dps shown on weapon.

I'm guessing it'll show 1204.6 dps

but math is not my strong suit.

just guessing.

Edit: i forgot to factor attack speed. too used to counting dps for skorn (1 aps)
so 160 * 1.46 * 1.4 + weapon dps = around 1298. something

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