Should i let go of nat sets?

I think your weapons are in the wrong hands, your sword is higher average damage and should be in mainhand for bells.
^yup, that is true! Nat's set if you want to maximise DPS.
05/05/2013 11:15 AMPosted by Fitz
really? what makes u say that? just saying

7 CC you cannot get anywhere else is incredibly powerful.

200k dps + 500% CD * 7%CC = 70k dps

This. Basically you need either a near max Ice Climber or Zuni boot + a high roll quad to best even a decent Nat set. A high end Nat set is BiS, end of story.
get rid of ur unity before even thinking about getting rid of nats
Im almost at 300k unbuffed without nats. :D

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