Initial cost of Cloud of Bats on 1.0.8 ??

Witch Doctor
I have some questions about Cloud of Bats.

1. Can anyone confirm that the initial mana cost is 220?
Because I'm getting 221 for the initial mana cost.

These are my record viewing frame by frame

Max mana ..... Initial cost ..... First tick
740mana ...... 519 mana ...... 486 mana ( 1.00aps, 45 mana regen, 0 firebat reduction )

845mana ...... 626mana ...... 595 mana ( 1.00aps, 45 mana regen, -9 firebat reduction)

I agree on the mana reduction when channeling which is 1/4.
But It seems like the initial cost is 221 mana and maybe the reduction of initial cost is also 1/4?
Anyone tested the mana reduction on initial cost?

Wish I had some more reduction gear to test. -12 or -20 would be easier than -9. which gives me 2.25 reduction.

2. Also, when does the mana regen and mana cost tick happens?
Mana regen tick seems to happen every 6 frames but not sure if it is counted from frame 0 when you click the skill.
As for mana cost tick, it seems like it happens every 30 frames after the initial tick which occurs at frame 10 or so. So it will occur at frame 40, 70, 100 and so on.
Is this correct?
Add me on live servers, I have some very nice bats reduction gear (-12 crit VoGs, 6/30/-10 SoJ, ect)

Ill give you the stuff to test on PTR if you catch me online.

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