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rollback + banhammer plz
I made almost a billion making and selling gems. OF COURSE there needs to be a rollback. The servers should be taken down ASAP. Otherwise, the economy is truly trashed until the expansion. Seriously, what's the point of even playing anymore if there's no rollback?
i would say that if a rollback occurs, it should be on the AH itself, not the entire game, because of the pricing issue. i do recall about 1-2 months ago when an AH issue happened where it became unavailable and i could not retrieve my items. it was somewhat worrisome as i had a few decent items that i did not want deleted but fortunately everything was restored in the end and i didn't lose anything. outside of restoring pricing, i would say that restoring items from people who purchased those items with the duped gold would be another major step in the right direction since they may be under banned accounts and no longer accessible (e.g. seeing how some streamers ended up buying a great deal of high end gear then getting banned).

in general, i still would like to progress on my characters if possible but do not want to invest time if all my actions are turned back.
If they don't do a rollback I am afraid item prices will be driven up ridiculously high making it even harder for people to get top tier items.

Just remove the AH and rush out 1.0.9 itemization changes.
There will be no rollbacks. Blizzard would lose 15% of all those transactions. Easier to ban dupers instead.
Definitely hoping for a rollback, even if I lose a few bucks and a few levels, so be it.

Just PLEASE don't change the gold listings to 10,000,000. Leave them at 1mil. The economy was getting sort of nuts even before the duping began, that just made it worse.

If gold is devalued in a huge way you're hurting your new to mid level players badly for the sake of a bunch of rich players who are more interested in the AH then the actual game.
It sounds like it would be a mistake not to do a rollback. Although the economy is already absolutely broken.
Please issue a roll back.
Thank you!!!
if they don't do rollback some people will be sitting with trillions of gold........ so unfair
+1 for rollback.
Ban + rollback = mandatory. ( 2 )
Hey blizzard a roll back is the only option you have to fix this and not let your game die

If you do a rollback you will be able to fix something like what this guy has done

He's sitting on 300+ TRILLION gold and dumping in throughout the forums

I'll try to get you his battletag
Ban the EXPLOITERS. Great item sink. ty.
05/07/2013 09:04 PMPosted by Alpha72
don't roll back please, its just an un-necessary penalty for those who didn't exploit, I myself have been farming for 6 hours today and id hate to loose my paragon levels and items I managed to get, just ban the people who exploited the AH and call it a day

I agree 100%. Your 6 hours of progress is worth having the game economy screwed forever.
Roll it Back! PLEASE!
+1 for rollback ---- it was already hard enough to buy anything.
God speed. If a rollback is needed, it would be great if item's dropped from enemies, or crafted yourself, are left alone.
Honestly, If a rollback were necessary they shouldn't let people online. take the god damn servers down I'v been playing the last 5-6 hours straight without knowing.
Absolutely unfair, and stupid at this point to keep letting peeps play.

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