Need one WD for MP 10 Team

Witch Doctor
Looking for a WD to farm with Keep2 and CotA, Must have 200k+ DPS and enough EHP to survive. I am looking for a bears WD / Bats WD (1.0.8). Using BBV is a must. As of right now It is my DH (You can check my profile) and a CM Wiz. Along with looking for a WD we are also looking for 1 monk.

We already clear Keeps 2 quite fast but we are still looking to increase our xp / hour. If interested please add me ingame ochi#1322 with the message MP 10 Team play.

me! 250k dps if you count soj...if paper dps its only 196k =(
I got a 165k dps monk, but i can run EP/Cyclone very effectively
Top 350 WD with 230k totally unbuffed dps
i got a 240k unbuff WD and a 305k unbuff monk, add me if you wanna
200k dps unbuffed with stone of jordan. i normally do solo vota mp10 runs for essences. hit me up if you still need another
220k unbuff dps with stone of jordan. I aslo got 0 dog 160k unbuff dps.
add me if you wanna
235k unbuff sheet dps

I'll tag along.
I'm down. Paper DPS ranges from 180k (with SoJ) to ~220K with different ring / mojo combos.

Comfortable in MP10, solo or in a group. Party can choose my BBV rune (slam dance, dogs, healing, or mana), and I have no objections to being the WD running with the Bad Medicine passive!
I'm down for whatever really excited for 1.0.8 =) I'm at 242k unbuffed on my WD. I get bored soloing at times wouldn't mind a team and such.

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