Help with weapons!

So i just spent some gold on my monk, i can get over 120k with my skorn, but I want to use 2 1 handers, i've bought a butchers sickle and a echoing fury, when i equip both, my dps drops to 70k lol.

Wich one handers should i buy to stay in the 100 ~ 110k dps line, and wich build is better with my current gear? ty!.
Wait....before you do anything ..replace all your socketed items with better gems. Without dex you will never go anywhere.

Dex and crit damage are the mothers milk of Monk power, then go for vit and crit chance. then LS and LOH
Thanks for answering, those gems are not definitive, if i can get 110k ~~ on my monk, i'll definitively change them for better ones.

I should be looking for crit damage + dex weapons? how much are they? Is there any legendary that I should look for?

I'm truly lost in this new monk. And what about the build? Ty!
You can do pretty well DPS-wise with rare items if you shop them well. Here is a setup I would suggest:

Mainhand: (Sword or Fist) 800 average damage, 45+ crit hit damage, socket
Offhand: (Sword or Fist) 550 average damage, 45+ crit hit damage, socket, 2.5+ life steal, high dex/vitality

Your offhand doesn't need to be as high on actual DPS as the mainhand, but it should have a lot of bonus stats built in. Quite often a weapon with lower displayed damage but a lot of dexterity will give you a lot more actual damage that a weapon with high display damage and 0 dex.
With weapons like those, I would be able to get 110k~??
I don't wanna farm mp3 all over again with this monk. x(
And whats the best build for a 2 1hand monk? thanks!
As far as build goes, yours is a little odd.

1) Weird mantra. I know movement speed caps at 25% for most purposes, with only certain skills being able to break that barrier. So with +12 on your boots and pants, that +8% that you think you're getting from your mantra might only be 1%. For damage, you're far better off using MoC: Overawe.

2) Unless you have spirit coming out of your ears, you're probably better off with WoL: Empowered Wave than WoL: Wall of Light. Lots of bells > slightly harder hitting bells.

With only 397 resist all, you might want to take a serious peek at One With Everything. This may require some regearing though if you haven't started your gearset around that skill in the first place. :-(
Just ignore my actual build, was just messing around. Gonna give a shot at those tips. thanks.
No problem. I tried to add you. I have some weapons you can try out to see where they put your DPS, just to ensure the baseline I gave above will provide what you're after.
I looked at your armor a bit. Currently you're very high on armor (only need around 5000) and low on resist all.

You're also not getting a whole lot out of your Nat ring. I played around with some items I found on the AH using D3up on your profile, and by switching out your ring and boots with different Nat items you can gain 5K DPS (based on your current weapons, so this DPS gain will only go up as your weapons get better).

I would switch One With Everything for NDE, and then pick a OWE stat (either poison or fire resist, based on your current gear) and slap that on your boots instead of vitality.

Find me online tonight and I'll show you what I found.

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