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until blizzard gets it together,,,,, i will no longer be playing, the lag is to intense to even give a F#$% .......... i will be doing daily checks to see if the lag has cleared up but as far as playing.... i don't think so... and as far as the AH goes just Perm Ban all Duplicators/scammers/hackers..... end of story i just fixed the problem faster than you.
lag will go down
I've been playing for hours now with zero lag. It's possible there is a network issue between you and I've heard others talking about an issue with Cox Cable. I'm on Comcast Business with no issues.
I might be mistaken but it seem's someone is mad...
FIOS in Boston area - started my first hard core char - no problems.

Sometimes it's not Blizzard. Hard to believe.
im not mad just irritated at the fact that i went 4 days with no auction house to finally getting that feature and then get hit with half the map not showing up while playing. just frustrating,, stop trying to be a die hard fat kid sitting on the internet trying to start fights where fights don't need will lose.
I won't be buying anything with the name blizzard on it again.

This game is sad given todays technology in the first place.

I've played about 100hrs since release. I just drop in to play a little once a month or 2. To bad I dropped in at this time.

Why wasn't this game plugged into the WOW interface. Would have been playable.

Moving with a mouse, are you fu()ing kidding?

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