Is Inna's 4-piece worth it?

I'm a new level 60 Monk, new to the class. I haven't figured out my skills quite yet, but I will probably go with Sweeping Wind as one of them.

My question is whether the 4-piece bonus on Inna's Set is worth it for Sweeping Wind build?

Or would it be more cost-efficient to go with other items?

If you have any other advice feel free to share.
There is no right or wrong with using 4 piece Inna IMO, it really depends on your play style, usually we don't see many DW monk going for the 4 piece set up, mainly because it gimp the paper DPS so much that is so freaking unbearable for the human eyes.

If you're going for a 2-handed setup(TR-ing), seems legit though, then again, there are more and more monks who go for Skorn/rare 2-handed without using the 4 piece.

My advise is buy the cheapest version, test it out and see what play style suits you best, before you invest on the mid tier version of the 4 piece.
ReaLDX has it spot on. I really enjoy the almost free SW, and going without it is hard :(
Give it a try, if you want more dps, then switch to a 2-piece set.

Personally, I'm trying to see how high I can go DPS wise before I switch over :D
1. Inna temperance - can definitely go for a decent good. Best is VIT roll, follow by AR, then single resist. The rest is as good as a brimstone when you move up the dps mark. This item is the BIS in monk - more than 90% of the monk community are using it.

2. Inna radiance - A good inna radiance can last you till you find a CC%mempo. You can consider to invest.

the above two are sufficient to make up for the inna set bonus.

3. inna belt - the power of inna belt lies in the %elemental damage. In order to benefit from it you are better to use a black weapon (weapon with no lightning/holy/fire/cold/poison damage), a Witching hour will beat it.

4. inna vast expenses - this chest armor packs with high ehp from its Life% & VIT. there are other choices here:
--- BoA crafting
--- IK chest comes with high armor
--- BT chest with good VIT+AR
--- Tal with IAS%

The downside is that inna set are all without native AR roll.
From 1.08 patch the distance between mobs is several reduced. Most of the time your SW gets a refresh from the 3secs cooldown easily. If you failed at this means likely there are strategy issue in the way you handle the mobs.
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I'm a new level 60 Monk

Yes get a cheap Inna's set. Emphasize Dex, Vit, Armor, in that order. Spend as litle as possible, have fun, learn, and check out the Monk guide sticky at
The guides by Nameless and Piffle are really useful, sure helped me a lot when I was still struggling with gearing.

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