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I think that the best idea would be to have an "item/reciepe of the week/month" - bound to account when found, If these were not account bound, you could ensure a steady stream of real valuable things with an absolute limited supply. Item is a powerful, unique item with characteristics not normally found on said items (or variations of existing legendaries - i.e. double socketed Inna's helm, etc.). Could be part of a set or whatnot - this would reward regular players and encourage people to play more - no one would want to miss out on the opportunity to find that item. could even make it so that the item only drops when in groups of 4 etc. Not so rare that you aren't likely to find it it you play regularly, but once it expires, the item expires for good.
Give Collector and gameplay benefits.
I like the idea of Runewords. It increases the value of whites/grays on the ground, adds targets for mf'ing to get the runes you want, and allows us to do something to get good gear other than having to buy from AH, or farming for an impossible drop.
Right now you need an economy sink and enforcing bans on bots..

Bring in the mystic! Pay to increase stats etc upto 80% of max!
you need a way to remove items from Soft Core and HC, say a limtied number of repairs before the repair costs start to go up, or the time before repairs goes down..
Lets leave the whole AH alone for a bit.

I was thinking, Diablo is ultimatly a collectors game, so can we have other "things" to collect, something like art, lore ect... pieces that you pick up and slowly put together, these would be rather rare, all bind to account items. I think this concept could easily be implemented along with the Itemization overhaul.

Why would I suggest making them bind to account - So you can't sell them. The idea for this is so players go out hunting again. The art, and lore could then be compiled into completed books, that players then look through at there pleasure.

So we want to turn Diablo into a scrapbooking party? Maybe we could find a nice book of recipes too (account bound of course) that teach us how to make a nice soufflé...
I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of collecting but its not practical in this environment because you have no place to display the art and not much room to store it hence a major problem in the idea.

I would suggest that they implement a housing area where people can purchase a variety of different houses from cheap to expensive the more expensive or larger the house the more lockdown items such as art and furniture you could display in the house and the more secure containers or stash spots the house would provide.

this would provide a much needed bump to allotted storage for accounts and the opportunity to add collectors items to the game that you could display and invite your friends over to see or socialize with.

It would also help alleviate the need of people making garbage characters to store stuff on. I dont know abot everyone else but i like to try all the classes and play them but with 3 pages in the stash and 5 characters it is hard to store things for them especially when you have ah down for a few days lol and no place to sell some of those drops you have picked up.

A shared stash is a great Idea but would be nice to have either additional tabs for each individual character in addition to the shared stash or housing would be a far better idea or and increase in the overall size of the stash. I think it is reasonable to assume that people would often like to have some changes of equipment for different purposes. you obviously might want to equip much differently if your doing speed runs through acts at mp4 or 5 then you might want to if your doing uber runs at MP10. In addition a wizard may want to equip diffferently if he is running CM or standard. or WD might want to see how a thorns outfit might work out or a set up for exploding dogs instead of his normal setup. These are just a few examples of why people might want to have a couple sets of equipment for a paticular character you multiply that times 5 classes and then throw in crafting materials gems etc eating up a page in your stash and you can see how badly additional storage is needed.

In summary while i really like the idea of collectibles and would fully endorse it you need to correct the need for additional storage before doing this or i think the idea will fail because people will prioritize their equipment neeeds over their decorative desires. Housing I think would be an Ideal add to the game providing additional storage and areas that people can socialize in a different environment it would also allow a great deal of future expansion and a larger and new market for additional items such as art furniture etc. Perhaps even opening a door for future crafting of house decorations etc... rare drops that might become a component for other decorations...

Add Housing... Add Additional content for decorations...

Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

I would like the lore pages to turn into a readalong album with the voices. With some art to it so it looks like a book, and not just a music playlist of small conversations.

you could add additional pages as rare drops from bosses etc, and when the book was completed with all the missing info, you would get an achievement "between the lines", after you've learned the complementary lore
What would be the point of this?

If this was implemented atleast increase the stash tab quantity to justify the space this useless item would take up.
Adding housing areas with additional storage could turn into an economy/gold sink that could be a start to correcting some of the economy issues...
What I would like to see in Diablo 3 is something akin to transmogrification/ Rare Item skins that can be applied to armor/weaponry, I honestly like the dyes in this game being able to change my armors color to just about every color in the rainbow makes me feel like my character looks kind of unique in some ways. But things such as collectible items I feel could have a good place in the game as long as they have proper incentive, because right now the only incentive people have to go out "hunting" is for the chance at getting rare equipment and gold farm so they can get rare equipment to get even more powerful.

Perhaps these "collectibles" will yield some gold/exp, or could increase your gold find/magic item find.

But then we already have items and a level system that gives us those. Perhaps they could unlock rare banner decals/art work or item skins as stated earlier in the thread.

But then what would the item skins or banner art provide incentive to unlock? As lots of people do not care about how there character looks.

Perhaps these item skins could make you look somewhat akin to Diablo in certain aspects or one of the Archangels.

Now i'm not saying just make them look exactly like them but take some inspiration from those and apply them to the armor's or maybe the armor runs so deep it could modify your characters actual appearance to be more angelic or demonic not just as armor.

Also to Whitebeard's idea about the crafting and boss reagents in craft. I say "BUMP!" I would honestly love to see bosses serve a purpose in this game other then just a speed bump in your path.

I would also like a more diverse gem system as well, I feel like some of the gems we have are either useful. Or useless in some regards.
Make crafting more like monster hunter like Ubers. Use the pieces of bosses and elites to make armor and weapons with unique appearances.

For example, Zolton Kulles head could totally be a wizard source or witch doctor mojo or something.

Moloks wings could make sweet armor.

Siege breakers sword, Skeletons Kings Femur... Etc etc.

Im all for the collections but ide also like too see

Legendary Rejuv Potions non account bound and character specific
for when were in a real jam and no more disc or fury...

also make using a full set like Immortal kings or tal set do something cool grafics wise that would be awesome.
All the people that play d3 want d2 features in this game so why is so hard to acknowledge that? at least some of d2 greatest features if not all. Is that hard or is about vanity?
People who are asking for rune words, how would you make rune words possible when most items have at most 1 socket (except chest, legs, and two weapons)?


Rune 1: Daf
Rune 2: Uq

Put into a Manticore for GG-ness. But one socket weapons can only use the Meh rune.
We have several "purple" named bosses that really don't do much in the game. They are weaker than more Elite groups.

Why not use those "named" Purple bosses and Act/Story Bosses to drop certain things that you can collect and craft things?

I am not much of a collector just so I have them, but I will be a Collector if the things I collector can affect my builds (and not just looks).

Yes, please be account bound. I don't want people selling them. This game needs to give us more reasons to "farm" in different area.
05/09/2013 06:12 PMPosted by Rivis
This is what happens when you let a developer design a game.

Developers just make the "code" for the game.

All the !@#$ that D3 became today is Jay Wilson's heritage. Don't blame the developers. They just follow "orders".

I put the guilty in the game designers ! They dictate story, concepts, levels, maps, and go on.

But ... The recently MEGABUG in AH probably was a "developer" error, HUGE error !

Conclusion. They are all guilty in the eyes of a gamer !
I think the collection thing is really neat. I'd love to see that -- just maybe in a book or on your profile, not in your inventory or stash.

I admit I'm one for vanity items/concepts, so:

* I thought player houses, mentioned above, was a great idea.
* I don't know if it was mentioned, but transmogrify (for anyone who isn't clear, that means swapping the appearance of one item for another).
* Maybe vanity items like the Angel Wings or Blade Wings, though not necessarily more wings.

I also think it'd be nice to see a lot more bosses in the game. I don't think they generally have to be of grand and extremely unique design. They could be in side rooms on specific maps and could consist of existing monsters (alone or in packs, maybe with a leader type) with unique abilities, or maybe a special encounter such as multiple elite groups. More than an event, though -- something very challenging; preferably, to me at least, not something that requires intensive farming (i.e. keys)!
Make an ingame "closet" where you can put all the sets and legendary and also check which ones are being missing. If its possible make this available in the stash, so we can use those items on alts.
Lets leave the whole AH alone for a bit.

I was thinking, Diablo is ultimatly a collectors game, so can we have other "things" to collect, something like art, lore ect... pieces that you pick up and slowly put together, these would be rather rare, all bind to account items. I think this concept could easily be implemented along with the Itemization overhaul.

Why would I suggest making them bind to account - So you can't sell them. The idea for this is so players go out hunting again. The art, and lore could then be compiled into completed books, that players then look through at there pleasure.

I'd like this if it did something tangible. Say I need 6 pieces of a rod and hair off of a golden lama's hind end to make a broom that would open the door to a witch class that I could now play. or gathering pieces of a special wood and find Deckard Cain (who's now an incorporeal like Kulle) to remake the Horadric cube. I don't mind a long grind for something useful.
I would like to see a "Trading" matchmaking tag added.

The new matchmaking is great for game play but there still is no real in game "item for item" trading community.

Since we can't set game names, as previously in D2, I think this could be a quick add that lots of people would take advantage of.

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