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A lot of people seem to like this idea, but for me.. Not my taste at all. Maybe if the art had more of a purpose, like you can wear it to make your character look different.. I only like to only pick up and find things that would be useful for my character, or makes me look unique.
Random stuff to collect?

How about "Buried ancient texts?" The Templar talks about them ALL THE TIME! Maybe we should find some to make him happy?

I even know one place to put them. Act Two Dalgur Oasis has tombs that are kinda cool to play through, but the reward on the end? GARBAGE! Those tombs need a buff badly. I like the idea of finding a switch to open an ancient vault, but there has to be something in there worth opening the vault for. Ancient text maybe?

An ancient text could open up and drop random recipes, or just be a collectible lore piece.
There are literally infinite ways to implement addictive 'collection' type features that would add weeks if not months of life to the 'completionist' game. These type of ideas should be considered after the itemization overhaul though.
Lets leave the whole AH alone for a bit.

I was thinking, Diablo is ultimatly a collectors game, so can we have other "things" to collect, something like art, lore ect... pieces that you pick up and slowly put together, these would be rather rare, all bind to account items. I think this concept could easily be implemented along with the Itemization overhaul.

Why would I suggest making them bind to account - So you can't sell them. The idea for this is so players go out hunting again. The art, and lore could then be compiled into completed books, that players then look through at there pleasure.

Forgot to add on my previous post:

The idea above is not to be prioritized, I prefer d3 development team focus on more meaningful content instead of just simply collectible (else it'll be another band aid).

Make the game fun and accomplishing first, then only you can focus on such content and it'll be meaningful content. The idea itself is good, but I doubt this is what players want now, since no one want to immersed themselve in a world where they find lacking in appeal (as in game appeal) in the first place.


I'll stress on this "Content such as above must have direct usefulness to player + something they can immersed on" else they will lack appeal. The current achievement system is an example of a fail content as it appeal only minority, and doesn't provide significant relationship to the gameplay itself.
Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

1. Yes collections would be an interesting addition to the game, though I would want to increase the stash space some to accommodate it.

2. Yes it is fitting. Diablo in general is about the grind. Plowing through armies and picking through the bones of what's left behind for loot and gold. Its not much of a stretch to add lore items to that as well.


I can think of three things that come to mind:

a. Skeletons and undead drop journal pages that tell of their final days.

b. Killing monsters in certain Acts allows you to gain mosaic tiles. Each act has several tile sets that can be used to complete puzzles depicting several act specific scenes with class specific ones with drops that can drop in any act.

c. All monsters have a chance to drop angelic glyphs. You can take them to Itherael's Library of Fate, after you kill Rakanoth, where Itherael will translate the glyphs for you, giving some message.
How about they just continue to create new items for the game. And new sockets like the jewel, rune stones. Maybe add the charms back in. The game just needs more to find... The game really hurting in the item department. Also the itemization is such a poor design. For an example you HAVE to find a weapon that has a socket. There's no if and or buts about it. No socket, toss it in the trash. Who's the genius who came up with that one guys? I do hope this item patch is coming out soon... because it's been WAY OVERDUE.
new gems that do something other then int, str, dex and vit
05/09/2013 06:27 PMPosted by Vyndare
Fresh ideas? how bout old ideas? Custom games/titles/descriptions. World PvP anytime anywhere aka hostile. Better chat system. Ladder system. Pvp scorekeeping. Arenas. That's what diablo is missing. Less distractions, more making this the best diablo game ever please.

While those things would fix the game (as long as ladder didn't have RMAH), those ideas are clearly not the direction the suits want to take this game in.

It's no longer about developing a good game, it's about developing a game that can string the player along long enough to sell them an expansion. Add in some irrelevant BS that doesn't change the game at all (everything in every patch so far) to keep the player thinking their playing some awesome game, when in reality they aren't.

figured that one out a long time ago which is why i lurk the forums
So, here is a thought, and a way to expand on some earlier idea's... I've talked about lore pages, eventually turning into books, what if these books, when finished, created part of a legendary recipe for either the BS, or Jeweler?
Any new things to do is good idea at this point. I want:
- Survival mode
- Tower defense mode
- Custom maps for tower defense
better a4 dungeons
How about some items like demonic essences and craftable materials, that allows the player to modify gear, something that offers customization
Posted by PM5KWhat about having the ability to merge items together? Darksiders II did this and it worked out really nicely for when you couldn't find upgrades.You mean like with a Horadric Cube? Gasp who would have ever thought of doing that?

Bravo! Well played sir.
05/10/2013 10:31 AMPosted by Tzunoy
All the people that play d3 want d2 features in this game so why is so hard to acknowledge that? at least some of d2 greatest features if not all. Is that hard or is about vanity?

I really think it's vanity, or maybe they don't feel the average player is smart enough to figure out something beyond a skill choice.

Horadric Cube - hugely popular. Ignored

Cow Level - hugely popular and probably the most played area. Replaced with Whimseyshire which is just plain annoying and dumb

Runes - Not only helped establish the D2 economy, but were very popular. Ignored

Charms - another factor used in the D2 economy, also very popular. Ignored

Skill Trees and Uniqueness of build - dumbed down to the point everyone plays identically

Itemization - don't even get me started on this dismal failure on the D3 team.
Also profile pictures for D3 players... Everyone look the same in this forum if they log in with their D3 account...
Similar to Archaeology in WoW.

To answer Lylirra, I would like a stackable token such as "Diablo's Hoof (Inferno)" that would just be there to keep track of how many times you've killed him on "x" difficulty. "Sokhar's blablabla" and so on. Much like ears were used in Diablo 2.

And every now and then, as the topic starter said, random pieces of lore that drop around; perhaps focusing on character development, cause the characters in Diablo 3 are empty husks right now (the vendors the most, no gossip option killed them, all I know about a guy is that he worked his hands to the bone to bring me these fine goods).
Also, on a side note to this discussion, can we add something so that crafting mats stop wasting space in our stash, maybe some sort of tracking marker in our stash, but not necessarily part of it. Some that show how many of each type we have. Since now we can craft with our mats in the stash, this would free up a lot of room in our stash, without actually increasing our stash size (Not that I don't want it actually increased.)
1. Diablo 3 needs some unique crafting materials (legendary plans) that will be used for making unique item look, and it will be account-bound, not trade-able or sell-able.

2. Make hero avatars changeable, we want to make our pic, maybe Battle Net picture.
Have monsters drop.... THEMSELVES! Super rare chance for you to find "Spirit of *insert monster name here*"

You can then use this monster in pvp or along with your follower and equip it with 1 piece of any armor and any 1 weapon for the sake of simplicity.

Maybe add a new monster lore page that can double as a storage for all your unused Spirits. The more of those monsters you kill the more info it unlocks about them. The drop rate for a creatures spirit could slowly increase at a creeping rate up to 100% eventually to guarantee players can collect them without extreme bad luck.

*whips out my pet Ghom who is leeching the magical essence from a skorn and a crafted trifecta ammy*

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