What is the worst hellrack you have ever found ?

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Here's my effort


I like how it has every roll except dex !

See if you can do better!
Dunno about a Hellrack, but I've seen some pretty bad ones.

I did get a Stormcrow with no int, though.
Um...every one?
You ... really pick up hellracks?

All of them.

All the Hellracks I have ever found are the worst Hellrack I have ever found.

They are Hellrack, and Their name is Legion.
Somewhere out there , there is a developer who thought this was a good idea that items could roll like this. Then a whole team and a lead designer agreed with him.

How can i get my faith back in this game some body explain to me.....
the problem are not the hellracks.

The problems are that manticores, skorns, echoying fury, mempos etc. are barely better then hellracks. Except when you win the lottery. The difference is just that hellracks can NEVER be good. Never. Like in 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 hellracks not even one that is usefull. A few legendary/set items can be at least good in 1 from 1 000 ...

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