Zuni's Trail > Nats Boots+ ring

I just switched from Zuni and a 5.0 CC/high dex, Avg damage rare to a Non CC Zuni ring and boot combo. I increased about 1.5KDPS, 10M total investment on the new pieces.

Since I use a black weapon I think I could have kept Zuni and found a new 6CC ring with other additional IAS, CD/CD, Avg damage combo that would have netted the same DPS pretty easily, for far less than what a CC (or even CD) Nat will probably run me. Also it leaves more flexibility to pick which secondary stats come on the Zuni/Rare ring. I suppose now I have more flexibility on a non black weapon too however. At a non GG level I think both combos are comparable. When budget is in the billions I do think the potential 10-11 CC total of the Nat set tips the scale.

So While Nats is hard to beat ultimately, I think Zuni is underrated on a budget. I had some from my WD that happened to be the correct resist, so they were really the first good Item on my monk without really planning it. Easily under a 1M purchase with 150+ dext and +55 single resist, with Vit.

Everyone is missing the very (or not so very) important point that my bad-!@# Zuni boots now look like stupid ankle guards. And I spend a ton of time in the Char screen.
I went with the Zuni 3-Piece set, and a little different spec than most. This spec works very well for me, I can pretty much spam a LTK whenever I want all while having over 750AR. Reason I like WoHF is because it'll hit multiple targets and is faster attacking than other generators.

I'm looking for suggestions to get rid of Sweeping Wind: Cyclone, but really haven't found anything just yet. Any ideas?
05/17/2013 12:00 PMPosted by Radelon
I went with the Zuni 3-Piece set

Hell yea you did! Wow is 200+ DPS unbuffed with a Zuni setup? I've considered it but never seen it executed so effectively. nice job.

I bet you look storm trooper awesome too.
Definitely looks are awesome. Zuni is the best looking set in the game, IMHO. In reality though, this isn't that much of a dps drop from Nat's set. Now I realize that you probably won't get a Zuni chest like mine (which I got for 14.5m way back in the day) the boots and ring are easy. I also have a set of boots that lose high VIT but give me 50 LR.
Hmm. When I looked at it last the ring was the challenge. I acutally just had a decent set of boots. I wanted a ring with IAS however, Avg damage and decent dex.

Why do you say that about your chest, Are they priced way up now?
Whoa. Just looked at your Zuni boots BTW. Mine weren't quite like that! 8%/192D/148V. Dang ole.

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