Battletag Number Anomaly

Bug Report
I make it a habit of print screening different moments of the game, whether they are poses from activating archon mode with my angelic wings on, or whenever I'm in the In-Menus, or rotating different angles of my characters' poses - then I suddenly caught a glimpse of an unusual thing that happened to where my battletag# is supposed to be.

Under the title "Player Stats" - was supposed to be my official battletag number, but all I saw was an open-closed bracket, a letter, and a number: {s2}

What is it??? I print screened it. I wish I knew of a way to show the image.

With all confidence, I wouldn't want to waste time, energy and effort to the game and progress I have been playing. I hope it's not a bug or a virus or anything harmful that anyone could just take advantage off. I am a very loyal fan of this game/installment/franchise.

Anyways. I reseted/re-logged-in, then it was back to normal again. I saw my battletag number again. I just wanted to report this to the right and bright people of Blizzard/Support Team.

there was another post about this as well and they did actually post a pic

What's the "{s2}" above my account name (the white erased portion) mean?

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