What stats to look for in legendary Items?

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Hi, I was looking about and saw the most used legendary item statistics.
Was wondering what are the best/max stats/dmg you need to roll in order to get a really uber item, in the following items.

Skorn, Echoing fury, Vile ward, Immortal kings reign, Lacuni prowlers, The Witching hour, Immortal kings tribal bindings, Blackthornes jousting mail, Immortal kings stride, Ice climbers, Calamity, Manticore, dead mans legacy, mempo of twilight, natalyas sight, Innas radiance, Innas vast expanse, natalyas reflection, Innas favor, Innas temperance, Natalyas bloody footprints, shenlongs relentless assault, zunimassas vision, tal rashas allegiance, zunimassas marrow, zunimassas pox, zunimassas trail, manajumas carving knife, Thing of the Deep, Uhkapian Serpent, Storm Crow, Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit, Chantodo's Will, Triumvirate, Chantodo's Force.

Its a !@#$load I know, but the info I got was from the old diablo versions, I dont know if theyve been boosted etc.

Thanks to all
There are 10 laws of item value:

1) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
2) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
3) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
4) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
5) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
6) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
7) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
8) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
9) Critical Hit Chance and DMG
10) All Resistance, Attack Speed, Elemental Damage Bonus, Primary Char Stat, Vitality, Mvmt speed on boots

But if an item CAN have a critical hit bonus of any kind, it must have that stat to be worth a big chunk of change. That has been my experience, but I don't have very valuable items either. There are characters who's least valuable item is worth more than my Wizard's entire set.

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