Diablo 3 Expansion or Diablo 4

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Would you rather see if Diablo 3 recovers and slowly improves with more patches / fixes and maybe some expansion packs later on or take what they have learnt threw all the mistakes, bugs and every other thing that went wrong and move on to diablo 4.

I know they wont scrap this game anytime soon but pretty much what I'm asking you is do you want to see this game continue for years like what they have done with World of Warcraft or prepare it for the shelfs and move on with a bigger and better prepared release of Diablo 4 sooner rather than later.
Diablo 3 expansion

I'm among the few who feels D3 is the best of the franchise and want to see it improve even further. Diablo 4 so soon would be premature.
Not in the next ten years i think.
Diablo 4. Drop this piece of garbage and go back to what Diablo is supposed to be (a sequel to Diablo 2, not a series reboot).
I bet there will be a four. But Blizzard need to learn from 3 to make 4 a lot better.
Diablo 4. D3 just need scrapped and remade from the ground up.
Expansion, although the story was a personal disappointment to me (hell if I could write better), the graphics and physics are all there, and the artwork is amazing as expected from Blizzard.
yeah a expansion would be great with runes new 3 classes 2 new acts and a modification to graphics and art making it look darker and with an horror mood like diablo 1 and 2
Expansion! I want to see Westmarch and for Imperius to spill the beans on what happened between Diablo and him in the animated movie. Possibly prepare for some angelic revenge, where virtue of Valor turns into sin of Pride.

So many other things to explore really. Even "The Prime Evil" of Tathamet. While big Diablo did have all 7 Evils, he did not compose of Talhamet's body (Hell itself) to make the full dragon. Adria needs some explaining to do too!
Unfortunately, the better option would be a total scrap of D3, forget about the expansion and make Diablo 4.

The Diablo series has always been a loot-hunt to upgrade your character. Itemization is the core. In D3, the itemization is atrocious. You can't fix a game if the core is designed poorly. A few itemization patches may improve it, but there needs to be an entire overhaul of the system. One that I highly doubt will happen since of all the people who've invested $$$ in the Real-Money Auction House will have their gear become worthless (if it isn't already due to the recent gold duping exploits).

If there was no RMAH in this game, you may be able to salvage it with an itemization overhaul. But since real money has been spent, there's only so much you can do.

Make a D4, keep the gold auction house, remove the real-money auction house, then work on itemization and customization.
05/10/2013 08:30 AMPosted by babinro
I'm among the few who feels D3 is the best of the franchise and want to see it improve even further.


Fanboi? Yep me too!!!

Not happy? !@#$ off~ ^^v
You mean wait for it to do the same thing that Diablo 2 did, since that game was pretty bad pre-expansion as well?
Expansion. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with Diablo 3, despite the protestations of Diablo 2 fans that D3 ISN'T D2. As with every other game they make, Blizzard will tweak and adjust as time goes on trying to find that sweet spot. Some changes will be welcomed more than others, but on balance, the game will be better for it.
I'd be happy if they'd just FIX what we've got!
Diablo 4, this game has some serious hardcoded problems.
lol, maybe 10-15 yrs from now u will se a d4, or if rumors are true, the new mmo project titan will be based off d3 universe..........hope the rumors are true!!
A ton of changes can be made just by doing an expansion. They can very nearly reboot the game, without the need for a rewrite.

  • They can introduce new alternate currencies that can be redeemed for items at specific vendors. This can help de-emphasize gold.
  • By raising difficulty and stats, they can completely reset what is perceived as BiS gear
  • If they choose to reset BiS gear by raising caps, then that gives them liberty to introduce entirely new affixes and new ways to modify equipment. They would have an opportunity to completely change basic mechanics (like the dps formula for each class for example) if they wanted to, because all of the old equipment would be deprecated anyway.
  • They can introduce new crafting recipes, exotic gems, and perhaps even specialized crafting professions to add depth to the game
  • ... and a whole lot more

I vote expansion, not rewrite.
Diablo 4. Ignore the events of D3 and continue on from where D2 LOD left off, similar to how the show "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" ignored the events of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" and continued on the events of " Terminator 2: Judgment Day". If you read


Furthermore, Friedman stated that the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines occur in an alternate timeline from that of the TV series.

We will just say that the Diablo 4 events occur in a different timeline from the Diablo 3 events but follows on from the D2 LOD events. :D
I think that diablo 3 is way to short of a game. I think that there should be an expansion and maybe 12 yrs release 4. I only played it for like 2.5 days and was done
Diablo 4 - bring back Matt Uelmen to do the music please.

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