OK,you win.I give up now.

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I'm going crazy,and very sad,after the lack of customer service I’d received the last couple of days.When my account got suspended,I did not get an E-mail to tell me what happen.I don't know what I had done on May 7 to cause banning my account.I sent several support ticket to get a satisfactory answer of banning my account,but they always say like a robot,"The Diablo III account attached to this Battle.net account has been locked pending an investigation by our staff regarding possible participation in recent economy exploitation.""After an additional thorough review of the action taken against this account, we regret to inform you that we have arrived at the same conclusion and the account action will not be removed under any circumstances."

I have always thought I have not violated game policy.First,I never use RMAH, and not able to use RMAH, never,so it's impossible to use the bug. Second,I remember when I first log in the game after the 1.08 patch, i found one of my AH items was sold which makes me happy.then I collected the gold back into my stash and kept playing the game.After several hours I saw blizzard's notice that the service will not roll back, then i found my account was suspended. I'm the victim of this because I have big gold deposit (about 7 billion) which I wanna spend for several high-end gear after 1.08 patch, now the value of gold drop a lot even can't buy a decent gear .I think these activities should not cause account banned.

I begged to tell them"If I forgot the other activities in my game,which result in my account is banned,please tell me. "and "If I did not anything wrong that violation game policy, could I get my account back? ",but still get perfunctory answers.I also intend to phone customer service to get an answer,but you know,I'm Chinese,it is hard to call to U.S. customer service.(my English is not good.)

Although it is unreasonable, but I have to give up.I don't have any other methods to get the truth.Thanks to my dear friend MiloTank,he give me a lot of help to write tickets,I hope we can play D3 again,but it seems to impossible.

Blizzard,I think the customer service of any good company is better than yours.
Well obviously your not telling the whole story, 7 billion gold with less then 500 elite kills and 0 level 60 characters. You might receive better customer service if you told the truth. Your IP address you play on must have been involved in something big.
Sorry,my account is banned.I can't use it to send a post.My banned battle tag is 肥齡#3862.You choud see it

This account is my friend.He did not play
Everybody Lies®
If my account banned because I bought the gears, please ban all the same.
Hi all,

When an account is actioned, we do our best to communicate as clearly as we are able to let you know what's going on. Our intention is to keep players in the game, not close the door without allowing a player to appeal their issue to us. As ever, if you wish to contact us, we encourage you to do so. Please keep in mind that although we do not typically review account actions over the phone or through live web chat, we will still discuss details of the account with you over these channels upon verification of the account. Also, in every notification message that is sent out regarding account actions, is a link included that allows players to repetition to have us look directly at this action itself.

@ Paen: I do sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write this. I would ask though that you refer to us directly through the aformentioned channels, instead of using a friend's account to access these forums.

Blizzard Customer Support

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