White screen flash when changing areas?

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I noticed this a whole lot recently:
Shortly before entering a new area (similar to those moments when "new savepoint" pops up) the whole screen flashes white for a split second.
Not completely white though; rather like brightness getting increased to 90% like a thunder flash but different from the environmental thunder effect found in some regions where only the screen edges flash. It also happens in regions where there aren't any signs of thunderstorms so I don't think it is intended as a weather effect.
Yeah I saw this as well, I recorded it and paused it, there's a message that says kill your family.


P.S but if you do, remember to play Ozzy record backwards.
I payed close attention to it as it happened again and I must correct my statement about the whole screen: the white flash is more like an oval shaped frame.
I tried to pin down when exactly it happens. It seems to appear when you go near the area that is inidicated with an animated circle on the minimap (quest goal) a moment before the "new savepoint" would apppear. It is not limited to this situation but might be reproducable with that.

I know that it's minor but it kinda disrupts the atmoshpere everytime.

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