4 billion to spend, need MP 10 Monk build

any suggestions would be great, im coming back to d3 after a few months off, cheack out my build that i already have in my profile, let me know what i should keep and what i should change, thanks : )
I would suggest you to look for a low fear EF :)
less fear is better?
05/16/2013 10:53 AMPosted by BCarroll0331
less fear is better?

No fear is best!



well you can get into MP10 for 6 million. If you want it on farm mode, I think 4b is great!
how farmable will 4b get you, dunno

add me in game and i can help u
It looks like you could probably clear MP10 fairly easily. Add an upgraded dps (1000+) weapon w/OS, Dex, LS>2.8, CD>50...craft or buy 6cc bracers with dex, vit and all res, better WH with dex, vit & all res, Inna's or Tal's chest with higher dex (Innas), all res or AIS (Tal's)...all of which you can grab on AH for far less then 4B...my $0.02.
Spend the gold to bling yourself out...get 2 new rings similar stats but with Ave Dam. Shoot for IC, Innas Temp and Innas Chest with Vit. Shoot for a better WH while your at it you can gain 7-10k DPS and more eHP in that slot alone.

The Temp can be Dex/Vit which I prefer. Then spend the rest to upgrade or change your EF.

since you arent looking to get the 2 set innas bonus try and find a nice pair of rare pants with high stats and 2 sockets or find a nice pair of depth diggers. i would suggest getting a better weapon but the ah is pretty dry these days when it comes to gears...
you reaaaallly need more crit chance. 621% CD, but only 37% CC, it feels like such a waste. I imagine 1% of CC for you is like 3k dps or more.

Edit: Wow, I'm good. I loaded your profile in to d3up, and you gain 3,242.29 dps per 1% CC. That's pretty huge increase.

Maybe consider swapping out one of your rings for a nats ring, and change your boots to nats as well for the 7% CC Boost. Between the two, you could probably spend your 4b right there. Especially if you tried to keep high CD% on top of a 5%CC on the nats ring ^^

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