MP10 scaling ubber life (high DPS players)

One day I dropped into PvP and there was a 902K DPS buffed DH that was 1 shotting everyone. Good on him for his build but that is way too easy for this guy. I'm sure there are many people with crazy damage that might want a little more challenge so when playing a brawling mode game at higher MP it would be nice to increase player life in the brawling grounds to be a little more ubber.
Lol, that way we can change brawling to a game of tag: no one takes visible damage and everyone goes home at the end of the day and discusses that day's game around a fireplace sipping hot cocoa.
Not scaling nearly as much as monsters in PvE. That would be crazy. Some added degree of difficulty to kill the opponent. There really is no challenge when a DH smokes and kills people in one blow. You might be forced to play a more defensive build and have to use skill to defeat your opponents. Some may prefer to have the battle last a little longer. ;-)
There are already battles that never end, why would you want it to last even longer (if that were possible)? If you are getting 1-shot, you are not geared properly for PVP. You can obtain some decent survival gear for PVP with a meager amount of gold (maybe more so now depending on how Blizzard solves the crash). The idea is most players stack DPS and limited EHP. You need a closer balance for PVP, as in much more EHP than you would normally use for PVE.
These people have not played immortal WD and barb
05/10/2013 12:17 PMPosted by Shockwave
You might be forced to play a more defensive build and have to use skill to defeat your opponents.


you mean you want to win fights, but you don´t really want to use any skill? you just want to walk to the player and left click on him till one of you dies??

or by skill you mean your spells?

either way, that´s just stupid... you are fighting to see who´s best or stronger, if you don´t wanna use hability and/or spells, you should be playing rock-paper-scissors

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