my entire collection

that's it. even the two stash tabs were a disaster.

oh well, it was an experience
Dang, dude. I only managed to save like 20 unid before i became too curious and Identified them.
the skorn is nice at least
there was a zuni boots

340 armor
189 int
149 vit
50 poison resist

sold for 10m


oh there's also a nat boots with 239 dex and 49 vit, trying to 50m
749 dps
21 lightning damage
2.2 LS
164 dex

WKL sold for 10m

Damn man. That is a !@#$ing tragedy, and my biggest issue with this game. You should have had something good out of all that. I used to fill up a stash tab and then ID, but it is a huge letdown to find nothing, time after time. I haven't found anything good in forever, and I still pick up lvl 63 rares. I did find a really good Templar relic a couple nights ago, which sucks since I don't use him anymore. I will ID everything in my bag as I get it now, but I usually save the jewelry and Legs/sets for last.

Hopefully the itemization patch will fix some of these issues. I would love it if they just left the AH down and upped the drop rates, but that will never happen. I really wonder where in the hell some of those GG gears come from. It just feels like I need binoculars to see the carrot sometimes.
hope the rest roll some nice stuff :D
I Jizzed.

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