Free Player-Donated Legendaries (2)

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What its about:
This thread is for well farmed players to give any unwanted legends to newer players who still don't have the budget to buy high quality gear.


For Donors:

If you want to donate, please post a list of the items you have (including item stats!) here and I will update the OP to include your list. If I have room, I will be happy to meet up in game and hold the items on my own mules. Alternatively, I can mark them as donor-held and send interested players straight to the donors to collect. I can no longer list item stats for items other people donate. It was taking hours of time and leeching my will to continue the project.

I try to tag each item with the name of the donor, but sometimes I get flooded with items or get backed up on listing donation and forget who donated what - if it is important to you, feel free to remind me either in thread or in game and I'll try to correct any omissions. If you'd prefer to be anonymous, please let me know.

I also am very limited for space (currently I have 3 non-mule characters and 7 mules, most of whom are full) so I may not take your items if I already have a surplus of that item or if it is an item that I think no player will take (Nailbiters, Gavels, Sultans, and the like).

Finally, feel free to spread the word. If you see an undergeared player of any class who could benefit from the thread, point them to the wiz forums and help my keep this stuff moving!


For Players Requesting Items

If you want one or more of these items you should:
1. Post here stating which item(s) you are interested in so that everybody knows which items have a claim on them and which are still available.
2. Add me in-game (atgowtwt#1159) within a day or so of requesting an item.
I'm on pretty often and at various times, so it shouldn't take too long to meet up in-game after that.

Items that have a claim on them will be underlined and pre-tagged with the name of the requester. After they have been delivered, they will be removed from the list. If a player is too slow in contacting me in-game after requesting an item (say 3-5 days), I will remove the claim on that item.

Items with asterisks in front of the name are the ones I consider to be the best in the list. To keep one player from skimming these items for personal gain, I have a restriction on these items - no more than 2 per player. I may be a bit flexible with this restriction for players who are particularly undergeared. Also, at the end of the list there may be complete builds that other players have built with their own gold and then donated. These sets are strictly for players without ANY inferno geared toons.

Finally, not all of the gear is wizard oriented. I have several items that are better suited to or only usable by other classes as well, so feel free to let any non-wizard friends know about this thread, too.


*Because of frequent gear advice requests, I've added a gear picking guide for both Archon and CM/WW builds to this thread. Both guides are in the last post of this page (page 1). The guides are a bit lengthy because they describe the pros and cons of each option for each slot.


The Items

Wizard Only:

[Searas]:Dark Mage Shade: 295armor, 260int, 51vit, 3CC, 6PUR, 10CrowdCtrl, 4RoFCC [?]
Storm Crow: 398armor, 8litDmg, 99str, 99dex, 92int, 92vit, 425LoH, 154regen, 9APoC, 4eliteDmg, 24%fireball [Liquid]
Storm Crow: 599armor, 7litDmg, 95str, 92dex, 100int, 96vit, 452LoH, 9APoC, 3eliteDmg, 27%fireball [?]
[LuXun]:Storm Crow: 382armor, 8litDmg, 97str, 94int, 250int, 97vit, 379LoH, 9APoC, 4eliteDmg, 38%fireball [?]
Storm Crow: 770armor, 8litDmg, 90str, 100dex, 92int, 98vit, 451LoH, 9APoC, 3eliteDmg, 39%fireball [?]
Storm Crow: 8litDmg, 476LoH, 4eliteDmg, 10 APoC, 1OS [JackStraw]
Storm Crow: 8litDmg, 276int, 333LoH, 4eliteDmg, 9APoC [JackStraw]
Storm Crow 7% lightning damage, 90 str, 92 dex, 98 int, 95 vit, 359 LOH, +238 armor, 9 APOC, 3% damage to elites [JackStraw]
*Storm Crow: 398armor, 96str, 92dex, 92int, 99vit, 465LoH, 4CC, 9APOC, 3%DmgElite, 32% FieryBall [Atrius]

Fragment of Destiny: 832.5dps, 1.47aps, 17coldSkills, 24fireSkills, 24litSkills, 114int, 5IAS, 17SpectralBladeDmg
Chantodo's: 976.9dps, 1.65aps, 176int, 1427LaK, 10APoC
Chantodo's: 1035.2dps, 1.62aps, 175int, APoC, 1.5fear [Vitamins]
[Searas]:Chantodo's: 1030.7dps, 1.62aps, 184int, 112vit, 10APoC [Danner]
[SixtyNine]:Chantodo's: 1009.1dps, 1.64aps, 186int, 10APoC [?]
Chantodo's: 974.1dps, 1.64aps, 175int, 10APoC, 1OS [Sorceress]
[SlashNBurn]:Chantodo's: 1018.9 dps, 239 int, 116 vit, +0.22 aps, 9 APOC [JackStraw]
Chantodo's Will 1117.4 dps, 124 str, 190 int, +0.23 aps, 9 APOC [JackStraw]
Chantodo's:: 665avg dmg, .25aps, 32maxDmg, 191intel, 9apoc [IssaChen]
Slorak's: 979.8dps, 1.55aps, 175int, 11IAS, 82CHD, 3ETCC [?]

Triumvirate: 144.5avgDmg, 6/5/6elemDmg, 112str, 156int, 13maxAP, 8CC
Triumvirate: 232.5avgDmg, 6/5/5elemDmg, 153int, 12MF, 15maxAP, 8CC [Luna]
Triumvirate: 165.5avgDmg, 6/6/6elemDmg, 74str, 165int, 50vit, 14maxAP, 8.5cc [?]
Triumvirate: 194avgDmg, 6/5/6elemDmg, 151int, 5%life, 8CC [Generalhan]
Triumvirate: 29-260 Dmg 6/6/5 160 Int 104 Vit 14 AP 8% CHC [Jester]
Triumvirate: 191avgDmg, 5/6/5 elemental dmg, 163int, 15ap, 8cc [IssaChen]
Triumvirate: 87-342 damage (214.5 avg), 5/6/5, 156 int, 15 max ap, 156 int, 8 crit, 8 apoc [GoSuPanda]
Oculus: 271avgDmg, 175dex, 190int, 10CC, 9APoC, 5eliteDmg, -4TeleportCD, 2BlizzardD [Edwarrior]
Oculus: 172avgDmg, 195int, 9maxAP, 9CC, 10APoC, 3eliteDmg, -2TeleportCD, 4ArcaneOrbCC [?]
Oculus: 209avgDmg, 108dex, 172int, 9CC, 10APoC, 5eliteDmg, -2TeleportCD, 11ShockPulseDmg [?]
The Oculus 122-461 damage, 188 int, 9.5% CC, 10 APOC, 3% damage to elites, -1TeleportDC, 14ShockPulseDmg [JackStraw]
[Searas]:The Oculus: 245.5avgDmg,185int, 11%Life, 10CC, 9Apoc, 3eliteDmg, -2TeleportCD, -4Meteor [IssaChen]
[n0ah]:Chantodo's: 224avgDmg,173int, 15maxAP, 9IAS, 9.5CC, 1OS [IsaaChen]
Chantodo's: 87-361dmg, 173 int, 9IAS, 9.5CC, 15maxAP, 1OS [IsaaChen]

Monk Only:

Shenlong's Fist of Legend: 762.7dps, 1.4aps, 199dex, 155vit, 68CHD, 41.4lifePerSpirit [akraclove]
Won Khim Lau: 665dps, 1.4aps, 6litDmg, 17litSkills, 235dex, 93int, 1OS [AgentX]
Won Khim Lau: 774.2dps, 1.4aps, 6litDmg, 21litSkills, 154dex, 115int, 105vit, 50CHD [Luna]
Crystal Fist: 844dps w/dex/vit/2.8LS [ankanamoon]
Fist of Az'Turrasq: 901.1dps, 1.54aps, 258dex, 75vit, 10IAS, 2.13spiritRegen, 4.4stun
Fist of Az'Turrasq 878 DPS 185 Dex 10% IAS 468 LOK 1.65 Spirit reg 4.8% Stun [Jester]

Flying Dragon: 1214.5dps, 1.1aps, 163str, 445dex, 115CHD, -2LashingTail, chance to double aps [?]

Spirit Stones:
Inna's: 559armor, 179dex, 87int, 34vit, 6CC, 1OS
Inna's: 393armor, 165dex, 69vit, 32AR, 187regen, 5.5CC, 1OS

Demon Hunter Only:

Dead Man's Legacy: 185dex, 183vit, 15IAS, 1.25hatredRegen, 9.5CC, 1.6blind, 5multishotCC [pichapiegal]

Hand Crossbows
Dawn: 999.3dps, 1.74aps, 167dex, 111vit, 9ias, 583LoH, 1.7stun
Danetta's Spite: 832.8dps, 1.6aps, 193dex, 70CHD, 1.3hatredRegen, 9maxDiscipline
Danetta's Revenge: 876.7dps, 1.6aps, 55str, 184dex, 84vit, 841LoH, 1.33hatredRegen
Calamity: 934.6dps, 1.78aps, 11IAS, 86CHD, 1.23hatredRegen, 35%MarkedForDeath, 1OS

Witch Doctor Only:

Voodoo Masks
Zuni's: 406armor, 89dex, 154int, 85vit, 12%life, 141maxMana, 1OS [GeneralHan]
Visage of Giyua: 394armor, 91int, 87vit, 78AR, 12manaRegen, -12Firebats, 1OS [akraclove]
Visage of Giyua: 413armor, 67str, 179int, 80AR, 12manaRegen, +7%LocustDmg, 1OS [QHTran]

Thing of the Deep: 90.5avgDmg, 167int, 9%life, 117maxMana, 10manaRegen, 8.5CC, 20PUR, 1OS [AgentX]
Thing of the Deep: 147avgDmg, 116str, 137dex, 156int, 116maxMana, 10manaRegen, 8CC, 20PUR [JackStraw]
Thing of the Deep: 133avgDmg, 150str, 190int, 95vit, 114maxMana, 11manaRegen, 8.5CC, 20PUR[cant remember]
Thing of the Deep: 148avgDmg, 177str, 159int, 107maxMana, 10manaRegen, 8CC, 20PUR, 1OS [pichapie]
Manajuma's:175.5avgDmg, 129dex, 279int, 10%life, 14manaRegen, 1.1fear, -7zombieCharger [akraclove]
Manajuma's: 188avgDmg, 33str, 256int, 12%life, 13manaRegen, 1.4fear, -12ZombieCharger

Ceremonial Knives:
Manajuma's: 921.7dps, 1.4aps, 196int, 95CHD, 94maxMana, 2.8LS [akraclove]
Manajuma's: 952.5avgDmg, 1.4aps, 186dex, 183int, 88CHD, 3LS [GeneralHan]
Last Breath: 809.7dps, 1.4aps, 191int, 444regen, 11HauntDmg, -14MassConfusionCD, Enemies RIPieces, 1OS [akraclove]

Barbarian Only:

Mighty Belts:
none atm

Mighty Weapons:
IK Boulder Breaker: 1390.5dps, 1.11aps, 312str, 198dex, 11IAS, indestructible, 7SeismicSlamCC
BK Solemn Vow: 987.5dps, 1.43aps, 190str, 10IAS, 959LoH, 2.8LS
Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood: 881.4dps, 1.3aps, 257str, 36dex, 87CHD, 6eliteDmg

All Classes:

BlackThorne's: 413armor, 84str, 66int, 176vit, 79AR, -5rangeDmg, 3OS
Blackthorne's: 398armor, 97vit, 60psnRes, 74AR, 356thorns, -5rangeDmg, 3OS [GeneralHan]
Zuni's: 408armor, 140int, 35vit, 77AR, 4%life, 209regen, 3OS [Wolfz2384]
[JakMican]:Zuni's: 418armor, 192int, 95vit, 52psnRes, 71AR, 218regen, 3OS [Liquid]
Zuni's: 431Armor 157int/64vit/71AR [ankanamoon]
[Garthrog]:Zuni's: 397armor, 186int, 133vit, 50coldRes, 73AR, 3OS [Liquid]
Zuni's: 452armor, 129int, 134vit, 41psnRes, 78AR, 3OS [Liquid]
[n0ah]:Tal Rasha's: 442armor, 136int, 105vit, 8IAS, 19GF, 3OS [pichapie]
[Simon404]:Zuni's: 138int, 266vit, 72AR, 251thorns, 3OS [JackStraw]
Zuni Marrow: 629Armor, 150int, 40vit, 73ar, 86regen, 3OS [Atrius]
*Zuni Marrow: 137 int, 212 vit, 77 res all, 1540 health globe bonus, 3 sockets [JackStraw]

Vile Ward: 644armor, 170dex, 66int, 32coldRes, 75AR, 275regen
Vile Ward: 645armor, 179str, 50coldRes, 77AR, 275regen 324thorns [SCR26]
Vile Ward: 644armor, 45dex, 241int, 56physRes, 78AR, 323regen [?]
Vile Ward: 653armor, 179dex, 31arcnRes, 72AR, 7%life, 328regen [?]
Vile Ward: 642armor, 170str, 54physRes, 80AR, 258regen, 18MF [Liquid]
[Faber]:Vile Ward: 615armor, 180dex, 76vit, 36litRes, 76AR, 282regen [Liquid]
Vile Ward: 627Armor 266int/75AR [ankanamoon]
Vile Ward: 613armor, 180 str, 27 arcane resist, 78 all res, 10% life, 257 life regen [GoSuPanda]
Vile Ward: 656armor, 70dex, 170int, 62vit, 73ar, 95thorns, 278regen [Atrius]
[Searas]:Vile Ward: 638armor, 195int, 38arcnRes, 78AR, 309regen, 15MF [Edwarrior]
[n0ah]:Vile Ward: 643armor, 55dex, 237int, 51litRes, 73AR, 325regen [GeneralHan]
[iMoofan]:Vile Ward: 633 Armor 184 Str 77 Dex 77 Vit 53 Poison res 80 AR 256 Regen [Jester]
[dUbTroLL]:Vile Ward: 637 Armor 26 Str 171 Int 61 Vit 47 Fire res 80 AR 267 Regen [Jester]

Blackthorne's: 686armor, 91str, 91dex, 96int, 96vit, 397LoH, 11%life, 19MF, 3slow [pichapie]
BlackThorne's: 417armor, 170str, 100dex, 99int, 97vit, 374LoH, 10%life, 19MF, 1OS [AgentX]
Blackthorne's: 432armor, 100str, 97dex, 96int, 97vit, 37physRes, 427LoH, 12%life, 20MF, 1OS [?]
[Xailion]:*Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 398armor, 99str, 97dex, 190int, 90vit, 58ar, 399Loh, 12% Life [IsaaChen]
[Onita]:Blackthorne's Jousting Mail : 447armor, 97str, 93dex, 97int, 252vit, 23ar, 360Loh, 11% Life [IsaaChen]
Blackthorne Jousting Mail: 677armor, 173str, 92dex, 94intel, 92vit, 414LoH, 11%life, 19MF [IssaChen]
*Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 100str, 91dex, 91int, 98vit, 69AR, 375LoH, 11%life, +242armor, 20%MF [JackStraw]
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail 162 str, 99 dex, 149 int, 240 vit, 416 LOH, 12% life, 20MF [JackStraw]
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail 98 str, 100 dex, 94 int, 258 vit, 351 LOH, 12% life, +259 armor, 19MF [JackStraw]
[SlashNBurn]:*Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 93str, 97dex, 96int, 93vit, 69AR, 353LoH, 12%life, +224armor, 20MF [JackStraw]
Innas: 446Armor, 96dex, 8IAS, 354thorns, 1CC, 2OS
Depth Diggers: 604armor, 198str, 55physRes, 77AR, 24GF, 19MF [Lux]

Blackthorne's: 584armor, 100str, 43coldRes, 320regen, 12MS, -6eliteDmg
[Faber]:*Natalya's: 582armor, 175dex, 76int, 80AR, 12MS, -5meleeDmg [Liquid]
Natalya's: 575armor, 81str, 93dex, 74AR, 12MS, -6meleeDmg [pichapie]
[dhezabear]:Natalya's: 568armor, 96dex, 77int, 78AR, 12MS, -6meleeDmg [Liquid]
Zuni's: 342Armor, 8psnDmg, 88str, 155dex, 154int, 92vit, 12MS
Zuni's: 8psnDmg, 165int, 110vit, 20GF, 12MS [JackStraw]
Zunimassa's Trail 8% poison damage, 144 int, 34 vit, 39 phys res, 60 res all, 12MS [JackStraw]
Zuni's: 326armor, 8psnDmp, 183 int, 53 vit, 47 cold resist, 13% gold from monsters [GoSuPanda]
[Simon404]:*Ice Climbers: 340armor, 104str, 32dex, 179int, 77vit, 76AR, 11%life, -7coldDmg, 1OS [pichapie]
[Searas]:Ice Climbers: 324armor, 75dex, 190int, 38fireRes, 76AR, 12%life, 5PUR, -9coldDmg, 1OS [GeneralHan]
[grmskar]:Ice Climbers: 324armor, 70dex, 182int, 26fireRes, 71AR, 11%life, 17GF, -9coldDmg, 1OS [?]
Ice climbers: 332armor, 52 str, 71 dex, 170 int, 48 arcnRes, 78AR, 12% life, 777thorns, -7coldDmg [GoSuPanda]

Gladiator Gauntlets: 464armor, 192LoH, 6%life, 33CHD, 7CC, 11crowdCtrl
Frostburn Gauntlets: 516armor, 6coldDmg, 30coldSkills, 5214Globes, 7PUR [Yems]
Tasker/Theo: 573armor, 50str, 49dex, 47int, 47vit, 46litRes, 8IAS, 5PUR, 1OS [Yems]
Tasker/Theo: 577armor, 42str, 40dex, 44int, 40vit, 50physRes, 9IAS, 21CHD, 1OS [yems]

Andariel's Visage: 385armor, 163str, 47psnRes, 8IAS, 171regen, 4.5CC, 17%fireWeakness, 25%psnNova, 1OS [akraclove]
Andariel's Visage: 375armor, 169int, 50psnRes, 9IAS, 6%life, 199regen, 4.5CC, 16%fireWeakness, 30%psnNova [yems]
Andariel's Visage: 389armor, 151int, 73vit, 48psnRes, 8IAS, 178regen, 4.5CC, 8%fireWeakness, 22%psnNova [pichapie]
Andariel's: 382armor, 160dex, 93vit, 46psnRes, 8IAS, 228regen, 4.5CC, 10%fireWeakness, 34%psnNova [?]
*Andariel's: 389armor, 153int, 48psnRes, 9IAS, 213regen, 4.5CC, 6%fireWeakness, 33%psnNova, 1OS
Andariel's Visage: 374armor, 69str, 153int, 48psnRes, 8IAS, 164regen, 4.5CC, 16%fireWeakness, 21%psnNova [L1k3aB0SS]
[SlashandBurn]:Andariel's Visage: 154int, 9IAS, 4.5CC, 21%fireWeakness, 1OS [JackStraw]
Andariel's Visage 169 int, 73 vit, 50 poison res, 9% attack speed, 4.5% CC, 5% more fire damage taken [JackStraw]
Andariel's Visage 151 int, 48 poison res, 9% attack speed, 4.5 CC,
5% more fire damage taken, open socket [JackStraw]
Tal Rasha's: 444armor, 192int, 26coldRes, 10%life, 6CC, 13crowdCtrl, 1OS [Hygeia]
Tal Rasha's: 401armor, 195int, 48litRes, 10%life, 298regen, 5CC, 1OS [GeneralHan]
Tal Rasha Guise of wisdom : 718armor, 90int, 60lightning res, 10% life, 6CC, OS [IsaaChen]
[n0ah]:*Mempo: 651armor, 191int, 71AR, 8IAS, 11%life, 1OS [pichapie]
*Mempo: 422armor, 171dex, 74AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 1058thorns, 1OS [GeneralHan]
Mempo: 446armor, 192dex, 32psnRes, 79AR, 8IAS, 10%life, 1OS [Liquid]
Mempo: 428armor, 195dex, 71AR, 9IAS, 11%life, 5PUR, 1OS [?]
[Stroevey]:Mempo: 442armor, 172int, 47coldRes, 73AR, 8IAS, 11%life, 1OS [Luna]
Mempo: 450armor, 176dex, 83int, 73AR, 9IAS, 12%life, 1OS [Luna]
Mempo: 446 Armor 57 Dex 178 Int 67 Vit 80 AR 9% IAS 10% Life OS [Jester]
Mempo: 425armor, 34 str, 193 dex, 53 int, 72 all res, 8 ias, +10% life [GoSuPanda]
Mempo of Twilight 28 dex, 221 int, 73 res all, 8% attack speed, 12% life, socket [JackStraw]

Lacuni: 227Armor 8IAS/113int [ankanamoon]
Strongarm: 225int, 36vit, 9%life, +228 armor, 4.5CC [JackStraw]
[SlashandBurn]:*Lacuni: 86int, 9IAS, 22GF, 12MS, 3CC [JackStraw]
*Lacuni Prowlers 67 dex, 70 int, 36% lightning resist, 8% attack speed, 12% move speed, 4% CC [JackStraw]
Lacuni Prowlers 73 vit, 9% attack speed, 12% move speed, 3.5% CC [JackStraw]
Lacuni Prowlers 49 int, 22 vit, 8% attack speed, 12% move speed, 3.5% CC [JackStraw]
Lacuni Prowlers 108 int, 63 vit, 52 lightning resist, 9% attack speed, 12% move speed [JackStraw]

1H Weapons:
Burning Axe of Sankis: 916.5dps, 1.3aps, 5fireDmg, 23%fireSkills, 49fireRes, 553LoH, chance to ignore pain
Echoing Fury: 1007.4dps, 1.41aps, 77str, 68dex, 154int, 12.5fear, 1OS
Echoing Fury: 1156.9 DPS, 160int, +0.24aps, 15.5fear [JackStraw]
Echoing Fury: 968.2 dps, 162 int, 0.22 aps, 54% CD, socket, 10.5% fear [JackStraw]
Echoing Fury: 1044.4 dps, +0.25 aps, 105 str, 155 dex [GoSuPanda]
Echoing Fury: 1007.4 dps, 156 str, 160 dex, +0.23 aps [GoSuPanda]
Echoing Fury: 1158dps [GoSuPanda]
Sever: 797.7dps, 1.4aps, 159vit, 22demonDmg, 1CC, RIP [cant remember]
Sky Splitter: 962.5dps, 1.44aps, 189int, 11IAS, 496regen, 16%Smite, 1OS [Kradle]
Wizardspike: 871.6dps, 1.66aps, 78AR, 11ias, 9APoC, indestructible, 35%frozenOrb [JackStraw]
300th Spear: 960.5dps, 1.2aps, 121str, 12MS, -3meleeDmg, 43AncientSpearDmg, 36WeaponThrowDmg, 1OS
Butcher's Sickle: 852.7dps, 1.3aps, 99int, 53vit, 55CHD, 2.5LS, 21%PudgeHook [AgentX]
Butcher's Sickle: 747.1dps, 1.3aps, 134int, 51CHD, 2.5LS, 25%PudgeHook, 1OS
Butcher's Sickle: 913dps, 1.3aps, 116str, 120dex, 55CHD, 2.6LS, 23%PudgeHook
Sun Keeper: 822.4dps, 1.2aps, 297dex, 57int, 43MF, 2.7LS, 6eliteDmg [akraclove]
Sun Keeper: 942.4dps, 1.2aps, 48str, 200int, 51vit, 399LoH, 42MF, 9eliteDmg
Sun Keeper: 989.2dps, 1.2aps, 178dex, 41MF, 6eliteDmg, 1OS

2H Melee:
Sledge of Athskeleng: 1281.6dps, 0.9aps, 220int, 1187LoH, 12MS, 1OS [?]
Schaefer's Hammer: 1034dps, 1aps, 8litDmg, 17litSkills, 180int, 59litRes, 11ias, 16%life, 34litShield
Skorn: 1229.8dps, 1aps, 340int, 192CHD, 95.5bleed(6462-9141), indestructible, 1OS [yems]
Skorn: 1190.6dps, 1aps, 339str, 170int, 164CHD, 97.5bleed(6022-10716), 1OS
[Stroevey]:Skorn: 1245dps, 1aps, 294str, 324int, 188CHD, 97.4bleed(6292-9249), 1OS [Playerzedge]
Skorn: 1356.8dps, 1aps, 293str, 238int, 140CHD, 96.5bleed(5962-10824), 1OS [Wolfz2384]
Skorn: 1218.4dps, 1aps, 339str, 208dex, 104vit, 133CHD, 96.1bleed(5826-9092), 1OS [Wolfz2384]
[Falstaff]:Skorn: 1224.2dps, 1aps, 307str, 173CHD, 4.7LS, 95.2%bleed(6033-9750), 1OS [Luna]
Vigilance: 1389.5dps, 1.05aps, 165dex, 224vit, 11IAS, 5.7LS, 2.4fear, sanctuary [cant remember]
Warmonger: 1128.9dps, 1.2aps, 131str, 120dex, 338int, 9ias, 5.7LS
Maximus: 1147.1dps, 1.1aps, 15fireSkills, 303str, 12demonDmg, demonSlave, 1OS
Maximus: 1084 DPS 20% Fire dmg 437 Str 159 Dec 183 Vit 15% Dmg to demons [Jester]

2H Range:
Manticore: 959.5dps, 1.21aps, 68dex, 275int, 113vit, 10ias, 87CHD, 1OS [pichapie]
Manticore: 966.2dps, 1.21aps, 182int, 10IAS, 1244LaK, 88CHD, 2OS [akraclove]
Manticore: 952.3dps, 1.21aps, 200dex, 105vit, 10IAS, 92CHD, 1OS
Manticore: 973.7dps, 1.22aps, 118dex, 184int, 159vit, 11IAS, 70CHD, 1OS [?]
Manticore: 946 DPS 178 Dex 10% IAS 81% CHD 2OS [Jester]
Windforce: 1208.1dps, 1.54aps, 111int, 33vit, 10IAS, 1.2hatredRegen, 2.8LS, 42.6knockback [GeneralHan]
Windforce: 1109.1dps, 1.55aps, 11IAS, 1.28hatredRegen, 3LS, 36.8knock, 1OS [Luna]
Hellrack: 948.9dps, 1.18aps, 47int, 60vit, 7ias, 340LoH, 38.3%Bleed(6175-12001), root, 1OS

[Searas]:Tal Rasha's: 495armor, 24str, 129int, 11MF, 1CC, 4eliteDmg [Edwarrior]
[dhezabear]:*Witching Hour: 287Armor 9IAS/48CHD [ankanamoon]
[Xailion]:*Witching Hour: 93int, 50 AR, 9IAS, 35CHD [Generalhan]
*Witching Hour: 99int, 521armor, 9IAS, 46CD, 17%Ex.Gold, 113regen [Atrius]
*Inna's: 543armor, 8holyDmg, 92dex, 58AR, 1CC, 14crowdCtrl

Mara's Kaleidoscope: 284str, 197dex, 89int, 89vit, 67AR, 46CHD, -9Hydra [akraclove]
Mara's Kaleidoscope: 86str, 86dex, 269int, 85vit, 59psnRes, 64AR, 205LoH, 5WhirlwindCC [Sorceress]
Xephirian: 47fireRes, 13%life, 40GF, 321regen, 36MF, 14maxFury [?]
Xephirian: 167vit, 15%life, 36GF, 360regen, 38MF, 1.77spiritRegen
Star of Azkaranth: 10maxDmg, 130vit, 924LaK, 4.3stun, 23.5bleed(142-191), 3eliteDmg [yems]
[Searas]:Traveler's Pledge: 144vit, 57arcnRes, 13%life, 309regen, 40MF, 1618thorns

[Typhy]:Compass Rose: 86dex, 45psnRes, 188regen, 17MF, 12MS, 14crowdCtrl [TeeTee]
[Dooster]:*Zuni's: 9maxDmg, 57dex, 86int, 71vit, 38physRes, 65AR, 34CHD
Zuni's: 79str, 85int, 62AR, 34CHD, 11MF, 520thorns [Wolfz2384]
Zuni's: 58str, 36dex, 85int, 31coldRes, 68AR, 261LaK, 33CHD [Liquid]
Zuni's: 29maxDmg, 91str, 86int, 50psnRes, 70AR, 33CHD [Liquid]
Pox: 23-52dmg, 95dex, 89int, 63AR, 331LOH. 33CD [Atrius]
[n0ah]:Zuni's: 86int, 33psnRes, 69AR, 1152LaK, 34CHD, 15GF [Luna]
Zuni's: 59str, 55dex, 86int, 26litRes, 69AR, 33CHD, 781thorns [Luna]
[LuXun]:Zuni's: 34maxDmg, 32str, 63dex, 85int, 63AR, 34CHD, 235thorns [Liquid]
Zuni's: 56str, 160int, 69AR, 7%life, 34CHD [Generalhan]
[SlashNBurn]:*Zuni's: 74str, 87int, 46physRes, 62AR, 32CD, 3CC [JackStraw]
*Zuni Pox 9 max damage, 86 int, 69 res all, 5% attack speed, 33% CD, open socket [JackStraw]
Litany: 150str, 36arcnRes, 69AR, 183regen, 4.5CC, -7eliteDmg [Luna]
Litany: 157int, 69AR, 169thorns, 218regen, 4.5CC, -6eliteDmg [GoSuPanda]
Natalya's: 85dex, 8IAS, 338LaK, 181regen, 563thorns, 13crowdCtrl [Luna]
Natalya's: 28minDmg, 87dex, 37fireRes, 8IAS, 223regen, 17MF [Luna]
Wailing Host: 158dex, 70int, 34AR, 204regen, 4.5CC, 4eliteDmg [Luna]
*Wailing Host 27 min damage, 164 int, 31% CD, 187 life regen, 4.5% CC, 4% dam to elites [JackStraw]
Oculus: 150int, 85vit, 28psnRes, 70AR, 216armor, 17MF
SoJ: 5fireDmg, 9maxDiscipline, 23eliteDmg, -5Chakkram [Luna]
[chendol]:SoJ: 6arcnDmg, 13maxAP, 20eliteDmg, -5Meteor [?]

Full Gear Set
*CM/WW set [GoSuPanda]
*CM/WW (Chantodo's) set [Sorceress]
*MrDuMa runs an ultra-budget CM/WW gearing topic with weekly set giveaways. Be sure to check out his thread, here:
for advice on how to build a mp5-6 capable CM/WW set for <2m and for the chance to pick up one of his sets.
Manticore: 1066.5dps, 1.22aps, 196dex, 149int, 11IAS, 75CHD, 1OS
Mempo: 407armor, 187int, 42coldRes, 74AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 1OS [Liquid]

if i could have both that'd be awesome but if not i understand.
Sorry didn't read instructions. Tals chest 407 armor pls :) and any int memo you still have. If you have none its OK.
OK, I've pretty much sorted back as far as I'm willing and just unreserved the rest, did a quick inventory match to make sure that I still have everything that I've got listed, attached names to the requests, and caught up with the latest few requests as well.

So... continuing from my last post in the old thread:

@ytzelf: You get the 651 armor mempo, the vile ward, and the chant force. Add me in game if you haven't already.

@Ducivo: ty! If you ever find any storm crows, chantodo items (especially forces), zuni boots, triumvirates, set jewelry, witching hours, vile wards, or mempos, I'd almost certainly take them, even if they are too low end to sell. Such items move fast and usually get multiple requests per item.

@Sotrin: I've marked them as reserved for you, but you will need to contact Jester to collect them. His BTag is Jester#6850

@Kasualty21: Awesome! If you like you can add me and I'll hold and list the items for you, or you can list the full stats for me and I'll add them to the thread and mark you as the holder.

@football09: You got the chest and I've reserved Jester's mempo for you. Jester is holding that item so you will need to contact him as well.

@adarkamiko: You got em both. Be sure to add me if you haven't already.

@Chendol: I saw what you did there (barely). The SoJ is yours but the boots were already snagged.

I'll try to log in tomorrow to accept requests and deliver items.
*Mempo: 651armor, 191int, 71AR, 8IAS, 11%life, 1OS [pichapie]
[adarkamiko]:Mempo: 407armor, 187int, 42coldRes, 74AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 1OS [Liquid]
[football09]:*Mempo 625 Armor 175 Int 9% IAS 11% Life 1 OS [Jester]

wow i would love to get any of these they are really expensive i cant buy one of these so ill be great if somebody give it for free
hi added you in game.
I could use w/e wand and source. W/e you have available is prob gonna be an upgrade for me
*Tal Rasha's: 820armor, 179int, 84vit, 9IAS, 356thorns, 3OS [Edwarrior]

Could I have this? It's an upgrade for me (9%IAS). I'll donate my old Tal armor to the pot. Also, I have 2 Stormcrows to donate so I'm going to add you anyway.
@JOKER: I'm afraid all 3 have been requested already. But keep checking back - I get new ones now and then and sometimes people either fail to contact me after reserving an item or change their minds about taking it and that item gets unreserved.

@Fluffynana: I actually think your best bet is the 1229.8 dps Skorn donated by yems instead of a 1h/source combo. I'm pretty sure that Blizzard and Disintegrate both work better with slow, hard hitting weapons.

@Pythagoras: I'll reserve it for you.
wow limit post :D
Hello mates, I've already received the

[Jayzr]:Chantodo's: 1009.1dps, 1.64aps, 186int, 10APoC [?]

[Jayzr]:Tal Rasha's: 431armor, 78str, 148int, 202vit, 8IAS, 3OS

but I declined the

[Jayzr]:Chantodo's: 1009.1dps, 1.64aps, 186int, 10APoC [?]

if anyone wants it. I also received the

*Natalya's: 579armor, 42str, 90dex, 47int, 80AR, 12MS, -5meleeDmg [pichapie]

Thank you for providing this service mate, I really appreciate it. I'm gonna donate once its my turn to get some legendaries that I won't be able to use
I donated a 4.5cc Mempo already, I think I'm done donating for a little while. x_x
Omg Jaetch, you donated a cc mempo?! That's one of my dream upgrades lol
@Yems: Yup. ^^ Thinking about making another CM/WW set to give away as a celebration (and because trying to build effective sets for low budgets has gotten to be as much fun as playing the game anymore :P).

@Jayzr: ty for posting the item switch - makes my book keeping much easier.

@Jaetch: You, Void and Lameboi have done some pretty epic giveaways. That said, there are lots of people for whom a million gold is several days worth of grinding. For those people, little 200k items that high level players would normally brim can be quite a boon, so if you find any popular items like Zuni boots, TR chests, Prowlers, etc. that didn't get the rolls to make money off of, consider donating them instead. :)
Just hit inferno with my wizard, who would be an archon. Not really sure what kind of pieces I'd be looking for, but I'm sure one or two on this list would be helpful. Will be looking it over for now, if you see anything that sticks out let me know.
@BossDog: The class of gear that you need for upgrades is very rarely donated because people could easily sell it for a decent amount of gold. And even if I did get something of that caliber, I'd rather give it to someone who is struggling with inferno rather than to someone who is quite capable. Still, no harm in asking - maybe someone will see your post and chime in.

While I can understand your point I seriously doubt anyone is truly struggling in inferno in the current state of the game. Anyone with enough determination and/or real money will be able to gear up pretty fast. As a part of my request I offered to trade some of my items which is better than just a request for gear or brimming the items. So, I don't see a reason for distribution bias.

I really liked the idea of people donating to others to help speed them along. As I mentioned in my post I was already donating items to fresh 60s and under-geared players before I encountered the original donation thread. In addition to donating gear I've offered to help people farm keys for Ubers. While I don't try to carry MP10 key farming and Uber runs, my cm wiz is quite useful at mp5-8. Getting to mp9-10 would be great.

I will message you when you are in game as I would like to donate a storm crow (100-95-432 Intel, Vita, LoH).
Hey ATG, a few items are no longer available (2 Mantis, IK gloves and belt, Mempo, Lacunis, Firewalkers, DML, Fist of Az't). Have a few new items tho, pls see updated list:

Grand Vizier 1104 DPS 309 Int 177 Dex 49% GF 45% MF
Grand Vizier 1141 DPS 183 Str 335 Int 47% GF 41% MF
Tal's Allegiance 5% Poison +29 Max dmg 210 Int 66 Vit 65% CHD 123 Thorns
Fist of Az'Turrasq 878 DPS 185 Dex 10% IAS 468 LOK 1.65 Spirit reg 4.8% Stun
Vile Ward 668 Armor 191 Str 77 Int 36 Vit 35 Cold res 80 AR 241 Regen
Andariel's Visage 379 Armor 157 Dex 47% Poison res 8% IAS 181 Regen 14% MF 4.5% CHC 13% Extra fire dmg 33% Poison Nova
Skorn 1138 DPS 336 Str 173% CHD 98% Bleed for 6230-7446 dmg OS
Inna's Favour 545 Armor 135 Str 96 Dex 1% CHC 13% Imapair red

Not yet claimed:
[Sotrin]Nat's Reflection +12-34 dmg 59 Str 84 Dex 74 Int 8% IAS 196 Reg/sec [Jester]
[Sotrin]Nat's Bloody Footprints 576 Armor 95 Dex 86 Int 72AR 12% MS 6% Dmg red [Jester]
I just started playing after taking a year break. I have a level 60 wizard with gear that is over 1 year old. I would like to play a CMWW build. If you have any extra gear that would help me, I would really appreciate it.
Hello! I would love to have those ice climbers :

*Ice Climbers: 315armor, 192str, 86dex, 156int, 37fireRes, 71AR, 10%life, -9coldDmg, 1OS [pichapie]

also, i'm interested in donating some stuff
@Phaerius: <sighs> I wish I had reserved the 2nd post so I could make an Archon and CM/WW gear mini guide. (I get asked which items to pick for both builds rather frequently). I've got a shopping list on my first thread I'll copy here in a few.

@BossDog: Ty for the SC - I'm prolly going to be a bit too busy to log in again until sometime Monday (packing tonight, 8hr drive tomorrow).

@Jester: I'll try to update the list after posting the shopping list for Phaerius. TY for the update. :)

@Darklight: check out PieHole's guide to learn about he build and which gear to use. I think I have a few CM/WW worthy items left, but I'm a bit busy so you'll have to pick them.

@jeremysam: I'll reserve them for you. I'll definitely check out your donations when we meet up to give you your boots.
I get asked for build/gear recommendations a lot so I'm posting an Archon gearing guide here to help new initiates to the wizarding world to learn which items to use and why.

Also, here is a link to the Sustained Archon build (great for speed farming low MP)

And to the Hybrid Archon build (better for higher MPs)

And finally, to a budget Archon building guide that I just now discovered the existence of :P

Archon Gear Guide:

Head: Mempo, Andy's with AR or socket and low (5-6%) fire damage debuff, or Storm Crow with CC. IMO a CC Mempo is BiS but $$$$$. Andys with AR is a great poor man's Mempo as long as the fire debuff isn't bad. SC is also a very solid item and a solid CC Crow can provide as much damage as a Mempo with the added bonus of being able to use Mistral Breeze or Wicked Wind to refresh Archon (thanks to the APoC) instead of Living Lightning.

Shoulders: Vile Ward or crafted rare. I think a crafted rare would have to have very good rolls to outshine even a mid-range VW so for cost effectiveness, VW all the way! For the best value, look for a VW with <200int, >50 vit, and >150 str (cheap extra armor). >200 int + vit tend to get pricy.

Neck: Tal Rasha ammy or rare ammy with high CC and CHD and good int and vit. If you plan to use a 2h weapon and you can't afford a high CC TR ammy, then definitely go for a crafted ammy since you won't be able to get CC from your source.

Chest: Tyrael's Might with 14+/4 bonus dmg to demons/elite and either sockets, armor, or vit, or Tal Rasha Chest with good stats and nice extras like -dmg from elites or AR, or Zuni chest with good stats and armor. You will need 2 sources of move speed - one is almost always the boots and the other is either TM chest (cheapest), Inna pants, or Lacuni bracers so take that in account while shopping.

Belt: Witching Hour or rare with good AR, armor, int, vit, and if you can wing it, PUR. But nothing beats a WH for dps. IAS is no more important than CHD and 9IAS WH cost more because of CM/WW demand so look for an 8IAS one with high CHD.

Main Hand: Black (non-elemental) 1h, preferably with decent base attack speed (axe, sword, or wand), 1000+ dps, an open socket, and 2.5+ lifesteal. Echoing Fury and Butcher's Sickle are both popular archon items (Sickle can go lower DPS because of the innate CHD) but rare weapons are usually cheaper. I've got a 1066dps socketed sword with 2.8LS and 42CHD that cost me about 26m. Prices seem to have come down since I got it.

Why "black weapon"? Items that give a % bonus to elemental damage (such as Stone of Jordan, Tal Rasha amulet, Triumvirate, Zuni Boots, and Storm Crow) do not work the way you might think from reading the ability. What they do is attach a bonus damage of the specific element, based on your non elemental damage. So if your weapon does 1000 non-elemental damage then a 8% psn dmg Zuni boot will tack on an extra 80 poison damage to your weapon (which then gets increased by your int bonus, crit dmg, etc.) If your weapon does 400 non elemental dmg and 600 poison dmg, then the same boots would only tack on an extra 32 psn dmg. Elemental dmg bonuses stack so adding a 6% fire dmg SoJ to the Zuni boots, would provide a total bonus of 80 psn dmg + 60 fire dmg for the first weapon and 32 psn dmg + 24 fire dmg for the 2nd weapon. Note that the type of damage from whatever skill you are using will ultimately overwrite the bonus damage types, so for archon beam (arcane damage) the black weapon would end up doing 1000 + 80 + 60 arcane damage in the end instead of 1000 arcane + 80 psn + 60 fire dmg.

Off Hand: Triumvirate with 200+ average damage, at least 17% total boost to elemental damage (two 6s and a 5, doesn't matter which element is the 5) and either APoC or a double int roll (200+ int). APoC is not at all necessary but opens some fun options. High int gives best dps. Don't bother with any other source - Trium is simply BiS and can usually be found for fairly cheap.

Alternatively: get a decent dps Skorn with high int, high CHD (170+), and lifesteal. This is usually the cheapest route but Trium/1h gives more room to grow and provides a bit mroe flexibility for amulets as you can squeak by without CC on the ammy since you get 8-8.5 from Trium.

Gloves: Bifecta with high int, CC, and CHD. Trifecta are even better, but high CC and CHD are usually better than low CC, CHD, and IAS. Crafting is a good idea for this slot.

Bracers: Either rare with high CC, int, vit, and AR or Lacuni with CC and int/vit. Lacuni are a possible source of MS. Crafted rares are my personal pick for BiS and usually out dps and out mitigate Lacunis.

Rings: Zuni Pox, preferably with CC and a 6/30 SoJ (skill isn't important - none of them are very useful to archon. If you want to get dual use from your set, look for an SoJ with - cost to arcane torrent or disintegrate or possibly +cc to ray of frost and take a small hit to the bonus damage but don't go less than 34% bonus damage total. Zuni boots are BiS for the feet so Pox will net you that int bonus (or possibly the AR bonus if you go Zuni chest) so a Pox with CC will do better than a decent trifecta ring while also giving great defense.

Pants: Innas (best dps and a source of movespeed), Depth Diggers (built-in MF/GF for low paragon characters, get with high vit and int, AR, and armor), or rare with good int, vit, AR, and armor. Innas are one of the possible sources of MS.

Boots: Zuni boots with 8psn dmg, good int, good vit, and whatever other nifty bells and whistles you can afford. Ice Climbers with double int roll, good vit, and 12MS are also good but Zunis are still probably BIS and hella cheaper.


CM/WW Guide:

CM/WW is much more complicated to build than Archon so before going over the items I'm going to do a crash course explanation of what the most important gear attributes are and why. For a much more in-depth explanation of the build mechanics and gear options - check out PieHole's guide:

The ingredients for a solid CM/WW set are:
1. Attack speed! The higher your aps (attacks per second) the more pings you get per second with Wicked Wind and the faster you can cast spells. More pings per second == more crits per second == more APoC, more dps from Shocking Aspect, and more casts of Frost Nova, Explosive Blast, and Diamond Skin because of Critical Mass triggering more. More WW pings also means more life gained from Life on Hit (LoH). That said, the effect of attack speed on WW tics per second is not linear - WW tics go up in steps at certain attack speeds (we call these attack speeds breakpoints and the most important are 2.51aps, 2.73aps, and 3.01aps). So while hunting gear, set a target breakpoint and make sure your total attack speed will meet that breakpoint.

2. Arcane Power on Crit. This is the fuel that powers the engine. The higher your attack speed and crit chance, the less you need. At 2.51 with 53-56CC, you will need at least 20APoC. At 3.01 with 50ish CC, you could probably get by with about 17 (possibly less - I don't have much experience playing at that speed).

3. Crit Chance. You need high CC to trigger APoC, Critical Mass, and Shocking Aspect. Higher breakpoints can get by with lower CC but the more you stack the better the build works. Figure on at least 55 for 2.51bp and 47 for 3.01bp.

4. Life on Hit. Wicked Wind spams tons of hits letting this ability generate tons of health, allowing you to tank lots of damage. Again, more aps lets you get by with less LoH. Figure on around 1200 with 2.51bp to 850 for 3.01bp.

5. MITIGATION. Yep, all caps. All the LoH in the world won't help you if a little bit of burst damage wipes you out. Lag, range, and stacking elite dmg affixes will cut you to shreds if you don't have good mitigation. Figure on an average resist of 750 with a minimum armor of 4000 for MP8 and an average resist of 900 and around 5k armor for MP10. -% dmg from elite is also very powerful. (Chants set bonus, Litany, possible affix on armor).

6. Health. You want around 35-45k health for MP8-10.

There are certain legendary items that work well toward the above requirements and certain styles of CM builds that use different item "paths". For example, the Tal Rasha chest gives attack speed, making it the most popular CM/WW armor, but Zuni's chest gives great mitigation and provides amazing 2 and 3 pc set bonuses so some wizards will go for a tri-Zuni build.

The most commonly sought after legends for CM/WW are:
Head: Storm Crow with CC. It gives LoH, APoC, CC, a nice little bundle of stats, and some cool damage bonuses. Its the most popular CM/WW helm by far. The only other popular choice is an int/CC Mempo which gives CC, IAS, health, and AR. On a budget, a 5CC Storm Crow is definitely the best option.

Shoulders: Vile Ward with high int and vit. Or, for price efficiency, look for a <200int, >80vit, >150str VW instead (since the extra 150 pts of armor from strength is quite cheap compared to an extra 70 points of int on an int/vit VW). Crafted shoulders can be even better, but my experience has been that it is very hard to craft one that outperforms even a midrange VW.

Neck: Blackthorne's is the most commonly used legendary ammy because it gives attack speed, LoH, %life, and a vit bonus when paired with BT pants. Mara's amulet is rarely used in niche builds that stack huge bonuses to Energy Twister CC. Crafted and rare ammys tend to be the most commonly used tho (easier to get high dps on a budget).

Chest: Tal Rasha gives int, vit, IAS, and, if you have the gold, solid mitigation. Look for one with any 2 of, AR, armor, -dmg from elites, and double int/vit roll. The other popular choice is Zuni's with armor and solid int/vit rolls. Zuni sets are more expensive, tho, because they generally require armor/AR Zuni boots, and an IAS or IAS/CC Zuni pox to work well.

Belt: Witching Hour. No other item comes close. Look for one with AR + vit or AR + armor.

Pants: Blackthorne's are far and away the most popular. A pair with good AR/armor provides outstanding mit, LoH, and a solid stat boost. Inna's are used for the CC and IAS, but aren't as popular because of the lack of stats and mitigation. Rares with huge stats and mit are also occasionally used.

Gloves: Tasker/Theo with CC and either CHD or AR are popular choices but tend to be pricy. Rare and crafted gloves with high IAS and CC, and as many as possible of, AR, int, vit, armor, and CHD are also very popular.

Bracers: Lacuni are the only legends that make any sense at all. You'd want a pair with AR and CC and either int/vit or armor ($$$). Crafted or rare bracers with good stats, armor, AR, and CC are generally cheaper and more effective. I recommend crafted unless you really need the IAS from the bracers.

Shoes: Several options here. Natalya's with int/vit are very popular because of the huge mitigation and the set bonus, but requires a solid Nat ring to take advantage of. Ice Climbers are also popular because of the huge int, AR, and life - especially with armor and/or vit rolls. The lack of native MS is a consideration tho - if not using Innas or Lacuni, boots are your only source of MS and MS Climbers are much more pricy. You can get by with no MS - its not super important, but it is annoying to walk everywhere at default speed. (TP-Wormhole helps, but I like to use other skills for the free slot). Zunis with AR (and armor if you can afford it) are also used in tri-zuni sets.

Rings: Natalya's is popular because of the native IAS and the set bonus with Nat boots. Look for ones with CC, CHD, AR, int/vit, or average damage (as many of the above as you can afford). Zuni's: the native CHD, int, and AR plus set bonuses make this one popular, but because IAS and CC are so important, getting one that meets the requirements for your build can be incredibly pricy. Unity (huge dps + LoH), Litany (huge mit, solid DPS, but pricy with IAS), Skull Grasp with CC and ET or EB bonus (potentially very high CC for class skills, ET being the most important, LoH, armor, and native IAS) are all also useable. Rares are also very popular.

OH: Chantodo's is the obvious choice because of the attack speed and set bonus with the equally viable Chantodo wand. If using a Mempo build, you will NEED an APoC source (which cost much much more than non-APoC Forces). Triumvirate with APoC is occasionally used in rare sword/dagger builds. Black weapons with suitable stats for CM/WW are incredibly rare and expensive tho, so Trium builds are generally for the most elite wizards. For budget builds, Oculus can actually be very good. It has APoC, great damage, a huge bonus to elite damage, and good stats at a much lower price than comparable Chantodos. The biggest downside is that they don't have attack speed. They can pair well with Slorak's Madness.

MH: Chantodo's Will is the most popular for good reason. Huge base attack speed makes hitting breakpoints much easier and native APoC and int + the awesome set bonus all work to make this BiS. There are two Chantodo paths: open socket (higher DPS, but harder to hit higher breakpoints) and IAS (much easier to hit high bps but harder to get good dps with). Either path is fine, tho OS wands are harder to hit 2.73bp on a budget with. Slorak's with bonus ET CC is potentially very powerful, but requires SC and an APoC source because of the lack of native APoC. They can be surprisingly inexpensive and make a good budget option when paired with an Oculus, but make hitting even the 2.51bp somewhat challenging. Finally, black daggers or swords with LS, IAS, OS, and CHD are potentially the highest DPS of all, but cost incredible amounts.

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