For The Order - Templar Achievment BUG

Bug Report
Hi All,

I have got all the conversation for the Templar except for The Templar's Lesson which you get when you just begin ACT 4.

I have tried it couple of time doing it solo as well as with my friends have that conversation in game but I do not have.

Due to this my other 3 achievements are pending as it requires completing "For the Order" Achievement

Someone else also faced this issue?

Theres 1 conversation i cannot get for the 3 followers, and shen in Act 4 that i simply cannot find... One for Haedrig took me forever, as its listed as the 1st, but in actuality, its after the Skele king but b4 u talk to Cain...

Templar: For the Order: "Adria's Betrayal"- Act4
Enchantress: Secret of the "Ages: "A Lost Friend"- Act 4
Scoundrel: To Catch a Thief: "A Dark Outlook"- Act 4

Shen: Everybody Loves Shen: A Dark Day"- Act 4

Any help with these 4 would be apreciated.. Im simply not finding them after a dozen runs through act 4on multiple difficulties, and checking forums, guides, wiki's, google, etc..
have exactly the same issue with The Templar’s Lesson, my friends gets it but i cant get it, would love to complete this too for a 100% game play of achievements. I tried a long time in start of act 4 to get this conversation but nope.. it regrets to give it to me... am out of ideas :/ Is it any other way to get this completed?
Same Bug here... Can't get "The Templar´s Lesson" (ACT IV)... Played 100% the same with a friend, he got it and me not -.-
For now I tried it with 6 characters but seems to be an acc-problem

How about fixing this`?

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