Your new highest massacre?


Mine is 484 and I know I can do way better.

How about you guys?


new high at 634 and i had a 2 around 50 I couldnt string together at the beginning. but i can do better... I never get to play alone anymore so i'm having to waiting on my son none stop..
if you go to field of misery you can get 700 pretty easily ^^
I got 554 in fields :D
Yeah, I got close to 600 in fields of misery. New densities are pretty sweet.
Kongor got 856 !
A lot of you all mentioned Fields and I got mine in weeping hollow, so what is the path you take while fighting in fields?

Do you use the way point and start from there? Or do you find it through its entrance/exit at the bottom/top of the map and start clearing it that way?
I like to start at the waypoint then make my way left. When i hit the boundary, I go in an anti-clockwise manner zigzagging to and from the boundary till i circle the whole map. Then I make my way to claim the juicy insides
Boundary? Meaning the edge of the map?

I normally ran to the edge of the map, try to circle the whole map, doing only the outside of it, then zig zag through the interior of the map. Is that what you do as well?

Sorry, its still early in the morning for me lol
Good morning O' LordZeus. I offer you a Khazra head in hopes that you do not smite me with your holy lightning :D

Yeap. Pretty much. It's just that I zigzag at the edge of the map. I will hit the edge, turn around and head towards the inside a bit, then turn back to the edge. It increases the surface area of exploration as part of your sight radius is wasted if you keep sticking to the edge
540 so far.
Nice tip Bugs thanks!

What are some other really great areas to slay monsters?
Haven't been able to break my KD2 record as of yet. Have only managed about 200 or so in the fields so far.
Weeping in my humble opinion is better then Fields because of the zombie spawning matriarchs. My best one was 634, but on that same run on WH I got other 2 streaks: 200 and 130 something. So I think that a 1000 kill streak on WH is no that difficult with some practice. All of that considering I only have 1 slot of + Movement Speed.
I've had some areas in Fields that were just barren, I have no idea how the streak stayed alive while I was sprinting through it.

@Ravlaor I do think having only 12% MS may help in the kill streak too. It allows more zombies to spawn. But do we still get exp from spawned monsters? I recall back when PL was created that a blue said that spawned monsters won't give exp.
I don't remember that part, but it may be true Zeus. One thing that I have tested, with the help of the jar of souls event, is that if you drag some monsters that aren't spwaned it ends up with all of them contributing and counting towards the kill streak bonus.

Also, has anyone tryed Dalhgur Oasis yet? I think it has the potential for even higher massacre streaks. Although, getting the hang of a no generator build with 30+ snakes inc turned out to be not that healthy for my repair bill. Lesson learned...
I've kinda messed with Oasis, but I do prefer act1 in general.

What about the dungeon in the Fields...Crypt of something? (maybe?)

I ran that last night too and once I know the lay out of it I'm sure it has potential to be among the highest.
05/10/2013 11:34 AMPosted by LordZeus
What about the dungeon in the Fields...Crypt of something? (maybe?)

It's awesome!!! Very easy to get 400+ streaks in there.
Leoric Manor + North + South Highlands - It could use a little more goat men in there. Trees and the big charges density were well done - is a decent/good route as well. I haven't tested Cathedral, Arachnae Caves(hate the place) yet.
I don't know what it is, but this does not work for me. Max I ever get is something like 25 or so. Even while spining through weeping hollow and fields of misery.

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