Need advice from the best for my HC monk pls!

I'll copy the same text i postes in HC. But i think i could get nice info here in the MONK forum
Thanks guy in advance

Hello guys,
Im really happy, my monk is starting to get decent!
Last night, I did some ubbers mp5 with a good party, crafted my first HF ring.
All this time I was patiently waiting after 4 runs , had the 3 organs just to realise that my ring was SOOO bad lol.
Well, 2 days ago , I changed my offhand that was life on hit for a life steal one.
Im really happy about it cause it works better than LoH ( 87 k dps unbuffed )

At some point , during rakanoth, my health went down close to proc NDE but nothing more. I know a need a little more AR or armor, but at the same time i know that if I had more dps , my LS% would have been even better and my health would not have go that down.

1. I have 700 AR 68 k life 87 k dps unbuffed 4100 armor 700 k ehp ( I saw that on D3up )
Is this close to what good dps monk have? Cause I want to have more DPS but i definetely dont want to be more squeeshy,

I'm even scared of putting Innas pant and or chest since i feel Id lose more defense.

But if I get more dps, I guess I can allow myself to have less def, since my Life steal would do the job, Am i right?

2. I have over 150 m to spend like 170 I think, not sure about that ( I'm at work )
I want to buy a really good weapon that will kick my DPS higher.
What kind of weapons do i need ? Of course crit damage plus open socket, dex
But do I want life steal on main as well , LoH?
Would it be better to get a high dps with only socket ( over 1k dps ) a bit like my echoing that ibwear at the moment or a leg fist ?
Example of 1 hand i want would be really appreciated

In conclusion any advice would be so much appreciated.
Do I switch to inna's pant ?
I intend in getting a decent AR or fire res witching hour and soon I'll get nats reflection and bloody foot prints , is this a good idea?
Need help on my main, and
If anyone what kind of stats do I need to make a not too squeeshy High DPS monk?

Thanks to all

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