Since servers are down, Just had a few q's

If anyone wants to give me some tips on gear they are greatly appreciated. My first question is what slot should you try and get your resists on? I figure I can lose some dex on my shoulder and get the vile ward's with fire instead of cold or whatever it is I have on those crafted shoulders, ( I have fire resist stacked). I know my crafted necklace doesn't have any CC or CD so I have to recraft that. My gloves could also be much better I think you need IAS, CC, and CD? Next I was thinking about getting the belt with IAS and CD, can't think of the name, but that means losing some resists.

I think my biggest problem is each time I upgrade it seems like I trade one stat for another, I used to have fast attack speed but low dps, now I have high dps but low attack speed. I could use some pointers on where to go from here.

Oh also I was wondering about farming and the AH, is there any tips or tricks anyone has? Like a good way to get people to notice your items on the auction house? Should you put a buyout on there or just leave it blank? Id be willing to sell items cheap but I feel like they get lost in the hundreds of other items listed at low buyouts. As for farming I've just been doing A1 or A3 runs, picking up rares and puting them in my bank until the end of the run. By the time its over I have about 2 bank pages full of rares that I go through, maybe pulling 250k an hour or more I've never really calculated it. I was just wondering if theres a better way since I haven't been finding any good rares really, just some ok ones.
since you are using a bell build low aps is desired for hard hits get a spear with high dps for MH and whatever for OH get some LS on both. most bell monks use a ruby in the MH and emerald in OH.rings are lacking avg dam which makes a big dps difference. as for where to put resists most go on bracers, shoulders, boots, belt, helm, gloves and ammy. rings are generally straight dps but you can make up other stats here. the belt you are referring to is called The Witching Hour. also unless you are planning on getting a mempo helm i would swap your chest for a good tals. your inna pants have great armor but here is where you gain alot of vit usually look for inna pants with 90+ dex and 130+ vit with 9% att speed. your crafted shoulders are really good i would think about changing to lig res to go with them since you are planning upgrades.
Hey thanks for your reply, could you tell me what APS means and also LS?
aps= attacks per sec
ls= life steal
aps = attacks per second
ls = lifesteal
APS = attacks per second
LS = Life steal, so if you doing 100k dps @ 5% LS thats 5000 life per hit way better than the 500 LoH (life on hit) that you have now.

Depening on your budget I would first get a Nats Ring and boots, the more you have the better, they have the best set bonus in the game. then you need to look for a witching hour belt. and if your going to be a fire res. monk then you should look for a cindercoat like mine they can double roll fire res. mine have over 100 fire res. There is no point on having the 3 piece inna's you either should go with 2 or 4. Hope this helps
Ill be any resist that I need too, BladeMaster was saying my shoulders are good but that would require me switching around alot of gear to switch to lightning. I chose fire resist when I first started because I wasn't really thinking about it and was following this guide that said fire gear was cheap. I also have been using the bell since its the only ability I've found to be useful. I haven't really tried out many of the others though.

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