finally 200k unbuffed lol

Finally made it, had to switch my mainhand for an Echoing Fury tho.

Glad I got to keep my Ammy tho- so much eHP on that thing.

Will prob start the small upgrades here and there now!!

Next goal is to get enough dps to switch off hand to WLK with life leech and stay over 200k unbuffed- that might take a while lol.
Wow I need to get myself an ammy like that.. I have such bad luck with crafting...

Congrats on breaking 200k! I'm currently aiming for that but still keeping my WKL or upgrading to a better one. Having trouble finding upgrades that dont lower my EHP which is already pretty low though. :(

Very nice monk! Next upgrade, try to get rid of EF to reach 200k!
Grats ~
hey me too Grats
hey Grats!! I just get 200k unbuff for my TR monk with 1.09 ASP.. hehe

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