214, 000 I asked 4 help reaching 300,000dps

05/17/2013 01:58 AMPosted by RobinJack
Maybe you can look into my profile. You can have an idea what to buy. Cheers!

hi bro i saw ur profile did i see correctly ur dps is 1million?

holy god -- perfect CC, huge CD, massive iAS, high avedam... I'm swooning .... catch me ... boom!
Shame on you OP,

05/16/2013 12:32 PMPosted by Zero
you nutwads should go back to your mommy and have her teach you the manners you so sorely lack, oop's that's right you have no mommy you are the product of some trollers wet dream

So much for manners.
1.1m yeah that is buffed. Normal buffed 600k
05/17/2013 02:10 AMPosted by CVIL
1.1m yeah that is buffed. Normal buffed 600k

now i wanna make a monk :D
new inna's pants, new mempo, rare over litany (but dont throw away the litany), new rare over tasker and theo, new echoing fury (.24 at the minimum), new amulet (keep on crafting).

OP you also seem to be a new player, so welcome to the monk forum

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