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Am I the only one on this forum that likes the AH? I am not a politician, but I am here to stand up for the honest people that want to keep the Auction Hall. I know we are out there. I cant be alone.

I buy and sell on the AH all the time and I love it. I sell items for like 1-100k and thats it, even hi stat oranges. I know some people sell the same items for millions and I know that it is ridiculous, so I dont do it.

Who pays for these items priced that high anyway? I always find the same items sooner or later for around 10k-200k anyway. So yes, in that aspect the AH's prices are too wide variety for similar items.

Here is what I love about the AH-
I was up early about 4am 2 days ago, looked on the AH for auctions ending and found 2 Skorns: both were priced at 3,500 gold, auction ending in 2 minutes.(great stats by the way, these babys would sell for 10mil or more usually) I bid and got them both for under 5k each! Being the nice guy I am, I resold one for 20k and the other for 50k just to sell them quick. But I never sell anything for more that 100k, ever! I made about 60k profit in 2 hours, cause they sold quick as my items usually do in the AH. Plus, I helped 2 people get a great weapon for low gold, not milllions.

So, all in all, its great place to sell items and a great place to find great items for great prices if you shop around. Comon guys, you mean, you would have beat the game in inferno mode without buying anything in the AH? If you can congrats, but I like to buy items in the AH to help my progress in Diablo 3

In fact, this is the problem I have with the AH ---Here is a good comparison- Lets say I want to buy a car. I go down the street to look at the same car at 2 dealerships. One is priced at 25 Million dollars and the other is priced at 20k. They are both the same car, just different extras, the lower priced car will also boost mileage(Damage) to over 7k while the higher priced car will lower your mileage(damage)...Which one will you buy?

Its not my fault if some of you cant shop around. Dont buy from the high priced jerks and they wont sell at those prices. I always buy an awesome weapon that would sell for millions in the AH, only I shop around and get it for about 20k-100k. Heck for a good enough weapon or peice of armor I would pay 200k. But I would never spend more that that, ever! And I always find what I want. When Im done with that item, sell the item for a fair price(around what I bought it for).

And there, that is why I love the Auction Hall. Please dont get rid of it.

If anyone feels the same as me speak now:)

I vote keep the hall, both of them. Even if I am one voice, I am here, lol.
P.S. I also want to keep the real money auction house. For the same reasons, its a great place if it isn't abused.
Plus if Blizz aren't getting revenue from the AH they need it in other ways.
Trading is the only reason to play this game... everything you do in the game is aimed at getting that next GREAT item [to trade] so you can possibly get a great item that you can use.

There are too many different stats [and so many useless ones] for trading to not be 90% of the game... not to mention the whole diablo franchise has always been about trade.

Killing the same mobs you've already killed a million and 50 times? what the hell is fun about that?
Gold AH is required wouldnt play any game that didnt have a Auction House of some sort.
trading is a must for me in a game and im not into face to face bartering its to old school.
But high lvl items should be earned and not bought should be boa or bop (tier would be nice)

Rmah sucks balls
I agree. Trading is just way easier with an auction hall. Im 39 years old and I know the old school way to sell things. It takes forever!!!
Games with AH's rock!

But yes, the AH is a necessity for todays gamer. It sucks to sit there for 20 minutes trying to sell and whisper people that MIGHT buy your item. When you could list that item in the AH and go play the game for 20 minutes instead.
I love the AH for the fact that it provides a more 'ethical' way of obtaining better items than hacking. I know there are those who love to grind and farm for better items. I'm not one of them. The bulk of my Diablo 2 characters all use hacked items simply because farming for better gear got real old for me.

I must say though that I really enjoyed Torchlight because it had frequent but useful item drops. I still can't say the same for Diablo 3. I just had my fourth Blind Faith helm and, quite honestly, it's the 4th one that sucked. If the D3 loot drops were as frequent and as good (I think the PS3 version was designed this way) I would have been happy without an AH.
I hated how in D2 I had to sit in lod trading useast-1 and jump through the 10 other trade chats and spam my stuff all day, as opposed to listing gear in AH and going to do some runs.
This game would suck even more without GMAH, at the very least.
So true. I keep getting drops and out of the hundreds of drops that would have been good for someone elses character. The drops all sucked for every one of my characters, so I sold them on the AH cause I couldnt use them.

But as for someone else who felt the same and maybe even you, mugsy. Who knows, I may have bought one of your items and you may have bought one of mine. Thats the beauty of the AH. You can find just about anything you are looking for even if the drop you got today sucked.
I hated trading in D2, it was awful. God awful. Just thinking about it makes me never want to play Diablo 2 ever again.

The AH has its massive, massive, massive problems, but it is better than spamming @15/15 SStreks 3 hr@ in trade for a week before someone wants the damn things.
I hated how in D2 I had to sit in lod trading useast-1 and jump through the 10 other trade chats and spam my stuff all day, as opposed to listing gear in AH and going to do some runs.
This game would suck even more without GMAH, at the very least.

Agreed, And if you had a whole stash full of stuff. you couldnt sell stuff in bulk. You had todo it 1 or 2 at a time. With "Nigma 3 hrs FT" games, which then the bots joined. spammed the game, left and then noone could join cos the game input had been reached.

Really poor way of finding sellers/buyers, although i enjoyed the trading aspect once you had people to trade with.
I love the AH, thank you OP
Despite what a lot of people say, gold AH is good for the most part. But as you can see, combined with RMAH and how gold value drops vs USD while having 2 bil cap on GAH.... it's just a disaster right now. Also look what happened today. To be fair the programmers fcked it up so it's not just AH fault. The programmers could have fkced up repairs or something and allowed dupes of items by repairing or whatever. What happened today is just a HUGE mistake that could've happened with other mechanics in the game, it just happened to be with the auction house today.

But I'm still for AH in this game because look at all the scams that go around with 1 on 1 trading windows. I've played other online games that don't have AH and trading items in those games are much worse. Not to mention it's super hard to find the exact item you want in those games.
Auction House made trading obligatory, in D2 it was optional.

All of my stuff in D2 was either found by myself or given for free by random people i didn't even know.
I remember getting a free Enigma and tons of other BIS stuff absolutely for free.

In D3 you find an item and you only think how much it's worth on the god damn AH, in D2 you either gave it away, or put it in the stash for your other characters.

Action RPG's are not about thinking about making profit by selling every single god damn thing you pick up.
I remember getting all kinds of items for free in D2. Yes, the AH has made it an obligated necessity in D3.. Another good point about not being scammed in the AH compared to face to face trades.
You only like it cos itemization and drops are so crappy so it's only viable option to roll.
I don't see how the AH is an issue. if you don't like it don't use it. it's optional. not mandatory. if you are self found guy, then no point for you to complain since you don't buy anything from it anyway. if you are looking for hand out, then sorry. no work no reward. this is not a government unemployment office.
let say I am a DH guy, I don't like to play other class. so If I found a good barb gear should I not be rewarded since I put time into find it? AH just solve that problem.
that's how the world work, why in the video games all of a sudden is the rotten thing???

So when is the AH reopen, I need to buy something. :)
Because of the auction house you can't find any decent items in the game itself. That is the problem. You cannot play this game legitimately without using the auction house. What should be an optional thing is entirely mandatory.
...so much easier than spamming trade channels.....dealing with crappy people trying to rip you off of your trades.....i like the AH for the simplicity it has made for trading....
I've played all of the Diablo games since they were first released, D1, D2 and D3. When D3 was released last year I had a great time playing it for about 2 months, it was challenging, You couldn't just blow through levels in minutes, it took hours to clear levels. The auction house didn't have the option to buy gold or sell items for real money. I had to use the gold I found or earned selling items to buy upgrades. Shortly after that too many wimps started crying that the game was too hard, so Blizzard made it easier by releasing a patch. People started to lose interest then. Shortly after that, Blizzard brought up the RMAH and that's when it really started to get crappy. I still kept playing though, but the decline of players was great. By then my friends quit playing,seemed like everyone else too. It basically just went to hell. I wish Blizzard would listen to the majority of true Diablo fans, not the idiots who bought the game because they thought it was WoW or got the game for free.

Remove the RMAH Blizzard, I won't cry.

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