Need gear upgrade advice please.

Hello all;
I'm at a point where I am finding it hard to upgrade but also keep my defensive stats. I have around 500 million gold at this point but it seems the upgrades I want are too expensive.

I have tried to gear away from using one with everything but I am not sure if I have the gold to do so anymore. I'm not sure if I should replace my gear or just keep farming gold. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

*Gems are out so I can better compare stats via AH.
Any advice would be appreciated. I'm slowly working my way up to 200k, but I am having issues keeping my defensive stats up.
your ehp is to low. you should swap your helm gem with a vit one and buy a new rare ring, or a unity ring. and lose the hellfire. the xp bonus from doing higher mp's is better than the 70% you get from them. you should be able to find a better one but make sure you have high ave. dam. ie like your amulet. and PS if you want a boost your dps you should try using another spirit generator you only have one, if your going to use CS then you should use atleast 2 I've seen some people use all 4
Thank you for the good advice.
Looks like you've only got about 500AR (including int) That's pretty low for having as low of DPS as you do. 500 is doable when you're at like 250k dps, but it's pretty low for 160k. I for one, have embraced OWE, since it saves you SO much gold and you can get 8% more dps on gear and don't even need to use combo strike.

If you want to be awesome, go back to OWE and save a TON of money on gear (like I did). All my non BOA gear cost at most 200mil and I'm at 200-215k dps depending on the MP: (this has my LS echo, but with my other I'm higher dps). Another reason I like OWE is because I've crafted some sick dual resist items.

If your armor in your profile (3900 with STI) is correct then that's WAY too low. I don't think that can be right though.

Nats ring: ditch the 19AR and get one with more avg damage.

Gloves: you NEED some with CC and either IAS or CD. Only having CC is gimping your DPS by a lot.

Shoulders: Seem decent, but you might be able to craft better (DPS wise for sure. 320 dex)

Helm: Seems pretty decent. A bit low on CC, but a well rounded helm. Keep the gem for leveling if you want, but I'd swap to a %life gem for ubers

Ammy: Looks decent for dps, but horrid for EHP. Try crafting/using one with more EHP stats like AR, %life, or vit, even if it's a slight dps loss.

Bracers: You can definitely craft one with more DPS pretty easily. A high dex roll, crit and AR isnt THAT hard to get. Getting all that with vit or vit/armor is the challenge.

HF ring: It's ok for leveling, but it's kinda low dps, especially with no CC on it.

Chest: That 46AR roll is weak. Get one with either massive vit or higher AR.

Belt: Get a WH with higher AR on it. See if you can get higher CD too at the cost of less dex(it's cheaper that way for some reason)

Pants: Get more vit. Ones with 170+ vit are like 30mil (before 1.08 that is, I haven't checked since)

Boots: Seem pretty good. A tad low on dex for my taste, but a solid vit roll for not using OWE

MH: looks good, I like

OH: Pretty good for LS, but you shouldn't need dual LS for anything other than really high MPs, and even then maybe only for tough packs. I personally use only 1 LS weapon in all of MP10 unless I'm somewhere with stupid mobs (trees in fields of misery) or elites with plague etc. Swap to a non LS echo for like 20-30k more dps.

Hope this helps. If you need any more help with gear you can message me in game: amiar#1992, I love helping gear people out.

TL;DR: Come back to OWE and make your life easy.

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