Comment/Help my monk~

hi there, can anyone comment on my monk?
what can i do to make her stronger~a step closer t omp10
Okay, well no point in mempo unless it's got high vit with the all res and life % or if it's got crit. Swap that for either an actual good mempo or an inna's radiance, I'd say go inna's not for the set bonus but just for the crit even if it's not a paper dps upgrade I think it will still help. But w/e you can get a good mempo with preferably vit because your health is low.

Craft some gloves or buy trifectas, I would recommend crafting a trifecta cause you get high dex too, you could even get a difecta and the extra dex would help a million.

I would say get some vit on your temperance instead of extra armor too ahah.

You really need a better amulet, you can craft or buy both will be an upgrade, crafting wise you will spend a lot of money but it reaps high reward, however buying you know how much you will spend and you could easily upgrade your current amulet get dex, vit, cc, cd, ias if you want you don't need,maybe res.

You've done great with your all res though, you could keep going on that path to drop owe just try to keep upgrading with all res and vit. Anyway good luck man

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