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I missed most of it, and he mentioned he's going to go off in about 10 minutes now, can someone who watched the stream give a brief recap of the highlights of things he mentioned? This way people who missed out on watching the stream can get in on some of the information as well.
why is there not a sticky with the link to stream on forum anyway? Communication Blizzard its not hard.
I agree, so many people were unaware that he was answering questions live, and now he's about to finish up. It was silly of Blizzard to not handle this better, give a warning in advance or something. That's why at least I'd like someone to recap for the benefit of the community.

I know there's going to be flaming and people are going to be upset that their question didn't get answered, but I feel a recap would be more beneficial than harmful.
I came into the stream late too. Archon said he is going to make a highlight of it so those who missed it will be able to see it.
Excellent. Perhaps when Archon makes his highlight I'll post a recap here myself. It'd be awesome of Travis to come here and comment for us.
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Front page news.
He said he wanted to make rare items useless and also have more boa items.
Archon will be posting a Youtube video with some highlights/re-caps from the discussions, just wait until then.
I watched about 10 mins of it about an hour ago and from what I heard, not a lot of "news" was shared during that time. The twitch guy was playing a hardcore/selfbound character during the interview processes so there were alot of pauses, "ah" and "ums". The two things I remembered were Travis stating that "Legendaries suck" and he is currently focused on making them better but its a ways off and he doesn't want to say much because he was afraid of "his house being burned down". He did mentioned his previous examples of multiple hydras and increased WD pet damage, and he wanted Legendaries to utterly destroy rares to the point where if your playing a barb and have a rare weapon equiped and a barb legendary weapon drops that there is no question that it will be better than what you currently have equipped.

Another interesting question ask was about a "selfbound hardcore gameplay mode" that had the AH disabled permenantly, and Travis said something like "he didn't want to focus on specific gameplay modes that people may or my not enjoy, but that the game is alot funner when the AH is taken out of the equation.

Not alot of info was given in the time I watched and listened (again only like 10-15 mins) ... thats why I left. Maybe i missed some news scoop but it just didn't seem like it was happening so I logged into the game and just started playing.
He talked a lot about itemization. Didn't really say much about it you can't read in one of his blue posts on the subject. he talked about BoA it's advantages and disadvantages. Limits trading, but gets people to play the game instead of the AH. Talked about self found, but there won't be a self found mode. Ladder is possible down the road. Was asked when DHs can expect a buff, he said DH are fine they don't need, but WW barbs and CM wiz are broken. I guess that means nerfs for Barb and Wiz not buffs for DH. The game needs more fun things to do so people don't just do Alk runs, but didn't mention anything specific.

Sounds like a cool guy and that wants to improve D3.
Archon is on one of his 36 hour marathon streams today. Travis said that the dev's may return to the stream later on today. http://www.twitch.tv/archonthewizard

He will be making highlights. If they come back on while I am watching I will post a heads up here.
dh dont need any buffs, he got already. Characters are fine, there need only some balanced for pvp (not if team vs. team will be "good").
Yeah I'm pretty sure from the way he was talking about cm wiz and barbs, they should expect some nerfs, likely to proc coefficients.
he rambled on about nothing for 45 mins

you guys did'nt missed anything important about d3
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Yeah I'm pretty sure from the way he was talking about cm wiz and barbs, they should expect some nerfs, likely to proc coefficients.

That's what I got from what he said. He ramble on about CM wiz and WW Barbs in response to when will DH get buff. His response was DH are fine they have a lot of build diversity, you're just upset your not Barbs and then talked about Barbs.
Most twitch streamers put together a highlight video after they do events, but there's no guarantee. In this case Archon is still early in his 36 hour streaming marathon, and it will probably be a few days before he gets a chance to put together a highlight video. However, you might be able to get some highlight feedback from viewers in his twitch channel.

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I'm sure diablofans will eventually have a recap as well.
Uhh. It was all pretty much "we're blizzard and we know best." complete disconnect from the community.

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