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05/10/2013 03:30 PMPosted by HanbulliHan
Weird... this also works with meteor but not as prolific... I dunno what is causing it... is this a bug?

Probably Power Stones being generated on every hit, not just AT hits. And that's most likely a bug.
might be pretty useful if it ain't a bug.. also if a party member can pick it up that would be great ...

i hope some Blues would confirm it but oh well i forgot they don't read in wiz forums XD
It was like this before patch 1.08. I wanted to try and find a way to abuse the ever loving crap out of and make a video for lulz before saying anything, but I gave up trying. I singled out Yems in this post because he's a creative guy and a good gamer (watch his videos where he kills Inferno bosses on MP settings with only blue gear) and I thought maybe he'd figure something out.

It's definitely a bug, though. Otherwise the tooltip for Power Stone would say "whenever one of your spells deals damage it has a chance to spawn an AP globe" or whatever.
Try lightning hydra with that combo. More stones. And teleport to pick up the gems with calamity. Fun times
No apoc cm skorn build. This melts mp10. Check my profile
05/13/2013 03:05 AMPosted by Kurash
No apoc cm skorn build. This melts mp10. Check my profile

So EB and DS hits are triggering the globes, too?
i think every skill as long as you channel AT along with it

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