Gem prices and sandwiches

Right now gem prices are about 50% higher for RSs than they were on Monday. I think they will normalize back to about crafting cost + mats cost + AH tax + a small profit. Because even cats with about 50B need to eat. You buy the gems and tomes off the ah and go make yourself a ham and cheese sammich. But you hit the multicraft when you do. Check back every once in a while to move up to the next tier. Crafting gems used to be super annoying but now you can kinda multitask. So I think multicrafting does remove a little of the incentive to buy fully made gems and you know you leave the game on just sitting there anyway on a weekend afternoon when you are doing random stuff in the general vicinity of your PC, like making a sandwich for example.

Interesting afterthought aka complete speculation: RS Topazes seem the highest now because perhaps they were the easiest to part with on Tuesday night and there's a slight deficit of them compared to other gems.

And finally: I think I underestimated the job Blizzard would do in the wake of the frenzy on Tuesday. Yeah a lot of the good stuff is way overpriced now but I think that is partially due to limited availability of items and people reaching too far when testing the waters.
all the players that sold the equiped gems for high prices are re buying in. 3 days and it will be normal. tombs opened lower then they were pre patch thus basic supplies are available.

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