One Billion Gearing Help

Okay, since I have one billion, I want to spend it on my monk. As of now I can do around mp6-7 but have trouble with the elites. I would like to do mp10 and have 200k+ dps.

Anyone got a guide or anything for me? Thanks
The way the auction house is right now, that might get you a crappy mempo. Good luck!
Lol, yeah. After the shutdown. Maybe I should wait a while
Ta rum tum bump!
You need lifesteal bro. No wonder you have trouble with the elites.

you're welcome...
Yes I realized it later on. I was too focused on LoH and LoK then LS.
First tip, don't care about gems until after you have spent most of your money, use your extra gold for that because they only make minor differences, I would start with a better off hand, I like the wkl but if you want 200 paper dps it may could prove difficult, look for a rare with good cd, good weapon damage, high dps, good dex (don't be afraid of another main stat). Also get a better ef I would try not to get vit on your weapons as to the fact it will limit you on upgrades. Get life steal on the rare or ef, personally I don't care for an ef unless it has life steal.

Get a witching hour for sure, look at some mempos but don't invest unless it fits your budget well. You can get better bracers to make up for ehp, and will probably be a dps boost still. Try to get good nats that fit your character, don't get set on certain stats until you have done the basic math with what other items you may want. Either find a new vileward with a double roll dex or try your luck with crafting. Your other ring could either be a good rare, an soj (again, it's hard to get high paper dps with items like this) or probably a lit or a good unity. You will definitely want inna's pants too.

Anyway this is all basic and I'm sure you know your stuff, don't immediately buy anything and don't let your self waste money for the specific item you want. Good luck I hope you reach your goals :D
Mempo with CC is crazy. it shoots the price up to 500m (minimum)
1b is more than enough to gear a MP10 monk. Mempo is not needed unless you're shooting for 300k+ dps.

There are a couple cheaper ways to get around the attack speed on Mempo. For example, get a Tal Rasha chest. You can go either dex / vit / resist of your choice, or dex / 200+ vit, with 9% attack speed of course. You will also need to get at least 1 LS on your weapons. If you're running with 1 LS go for at least 2.8% for enough sustain. Crit EF with a socket is generally cheaper than LS EF. So with 1b budget you can get ~1k+ dps crit EF for about 100m. That leaves a lot of gold for other slots.

As SirNick said, witching hour is a must. You can make up for the loss of hp from switching to Tal chest here. A 50+ dex with ~150 vit + your resist witching hour is less than 30m if you're lucky. Also get Inna's pants. Stats depend on what you need, either more dps, more hp, or more resist. After that get better Vile Wards, go for 250+ dex, 50+ vit, and dual resist. Those don't cost too much either.

You should probably upgrade your rare ring for crit and attack speed. Crit > crit dmg imo.
I lend my nat ring and boots to a friend, he returned them. What do you think? Plus im shooting for the witching hour using this guide.
At this point a crit Mempo should be last on your list. You have many more potential upgrades that will provide more overall EHP and/or DPS while spending a lot less gold.
my set didnt even cost me a 1 bil @_@
but I'm having one hell of a trouble do find cheap upgrade now :(
and that 1 b guide is nice. Depends on personal preference. Average damage is always nice stat to have on ring and amulet
what, you don't need just one help,
you need one billion helps?

damn son, you need a lot of help, hahahaha. >:D
Lol. Knowledge is infinite. I'll soak in all the knowledge from everyone.
In party i could manage to have 226k dps with guiding light + Breathe of heaven/blazing wrath insane dps boost, maybe it's a good idea. If u see elite or a large group of mobs, you just tempest to a party member, heal him/her and you have 15 seconds of tempest heaven :D

this is my 200k dps set. Hope can be of help in the way you choose your items.

NOTE: No OwE, No STI dependency

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