Would you still play with no AH

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Yes. Ive barely touched the AH anyway and I should probably delete my WD and start over because it just doesnt feel right sometimes.
05/10/2013 06:19 AMPosted by Saigyouji
who got hours and hours to grind for loots, where you can just buy the loots you want and enjoy the little play time you got.

This shows the perversion of mentality in this game. People must have loot to enjoy the game, rather than having fun in the process of getting it.

if you can get loots this easy, the game will be dead. because everyone will have loots to do MP 10 eye closed. so you want to play for loots, if you have time, good for you.
but if for those of us dont have hours up on hours to spend on the game and you want to keep up with friends ah is great way for you to do so.
I might play normal/nightmare/hell with character classes I haven't got around to yet. But not inferno, since gear upgrades are rare at that point.
sure I would go on

D3 Animation is superb and graphics are cool
It is just horrible economic design & AH that totally ruin the game

I look forward to some bartering arrangements for upgrade purpose
Newbies should have hard times in absence of AH, though
Would I still play?

Short term: yes, I still have Hell and Inferno difficulties to beat and I'm specced up to do this.

Long term: no. I'm not specced to take on ubers or to get a hellfire ring. And I don't have the time to grind/farm for stuff.

Besides, how am I gonna get rid of my backlog of sellable gear if there's no AH? Don't have time to set up trades and meet other players in game.
05/10/2013 05:17 AMPosted by AxeLord
Yes or No ---------------->[ Reason why if you want ]

No. The Auction house is not the problem. It is actually a fantastic idea, though poorly implemented. With no controls you will eventually get what happened Tuesday. A few simple controls would have helped. Things like max gold an account can hold. I mean does any account need to hold trillions? The ability of people to completely circumvent the AH is a problem. It basically renders the AH's 2 billion cap pointless. People are already asking for that cap to be raised. But they wouldn't be if there was no way to trade an item outside of using the AH. They are just trying to squeeze every last coin out of someone else that they can. The ability to obtain real money thru the auction house is a problem as well.

There likely should have been a limit as to how much an account could gain in a month. Otherwise you wind up with people who take advantage of the game to try and squeeze every last penny they can out of it. For real money it should have been something like $250. The game should not be about making money. The fact that it is for some people is what is wrong with it, and its the same thing that was wrong with D2.

+1, well said.
Itemization as it is now, no I wouldn't bother continuing on with no AH.

If there were a lot more useful legendaries and affixes..yeah, that would actually be pretty fun.
yes i would still play and i still am. people act like they have never made a mistake, that's what blizzard did, give them a break they are only human, lets see you try to do their job
No. The AH is integral to this game.
05/10/2013 06:58 AMPosted by Damian0216
No ah= more excited about finding some upgrades

so when is the last time you found yourself an upgrade?
No ... !
No. D3 got no 'epic experience' like d1 or d2, just the farm/trade, so no ah would kill all fun.
Yes, I would play without the AH. At that point, I think I'd be playing without trading for a good long while, maybe permanently. If we ever see some properly-implemented PVP, I'd have to get into the 'trading' business again, but from a PVE perspective, self-found is a lot more enjoyable.
Don't use it, doesn't effect me either way.
Last year when this game was launched it was down all the time, I lived. I lived without an auction house in Diablo 2 as well.

I guess that is one thing I don't like about D3, you can't make games with custom names like you could with Diablo 2. People would make a game called Trade and it would be busy all day long, people coming and going. D3 is actually less social of a game than D2 was so people don't know how to interact with each other. You are randomly matched with players, unless you are friends with someone, but who in the hell wants to add weirdos to your friends list just to trade? lol

so when is the last time you found yourself an upgrade?

I stopped playing a long time ago, but back when I did an entirely self-found run with a barbarian, I found 12 upgrades (I kept detailed track for the sake of an experiment) within 10 hours of entering inferno (this includes time spent progressing and not farming). This does not include any crafting, either. That's more than once per hour. As I kept going the rate would doubtlessly slow down over time, but on a shallow curve.

If you don't use the AH, finding upgrades is no issue, and if you stop considering gear quality in terms of what's available on the AH, then gear quality ceases to be an issue.
While it is difficult to find upgrades to my main's equipment, it's not impossible, and I made it all the way through Hell without buying anything off of the AH, so worst case scenario it just takes me significantly longer to get the equipment necessary to trounce through Inferno MP10...which I'm quite okay with.
i just created a new Barb with Euro server.
i think that may be better??

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