Would you still play with no AH

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If there was no AH.

People would simply do what they used to do in D2:
- bot
- 3rd party sites

So yea, I wouldn't mind not having an AH.
Doesn't change a thing beside that i'll have to alt-tab out to go shop/trade.
Yes, because finding loot is more fun than buying it.

One condition though: it must be possible to find good (not godly) loot in a reasonable amount of time (read: days, not weeks or months).
Currently it's 'meh' imo.

Still, the ah isn't a problem.
Everyone can choose to ignore it completely if drops were fun enough.

05/10/2013 07:05 AMPosted by Clownnut
No ah= more excited about finding some upgrades

so when is the last time you found yourself an upgrade?

This is where the stupid & mindless RNG comes in

This is not a trading game
This is an ARPG & hunting game
Dont let the dog be the master of the house
05/10/2013 03:28 AMPosted by Nixsta
Yes or No ---------------->[ Reason why if you want ]

No...Itemization/loot system is broken...until they fix that 99.99% of everything u find will be complete garbage (at least in normal...HC mode different story all together)
If there was no AH.

People would simply do what they used to do in D2:
- bot
- 3rd party sites

So yea, I wouldn't mind not having an AH.
Doesn't change a thing beside that i'll have to alt-tab out to go shop/trade.

Yeah because it wouldn't be ridiculously tedious to sift through 1000 d2jsp threads to find the item you want. Ever use d2jsp?

All of these people saying they'd play this game without the AH are actually talking about a different game. One with radically different itemization, drop tables, trading structure, etc. They aren't talking about Diablo 3 as it actually exists.

You can't find a single person that would actually play today's Diablo 3 without the AH.
I would be stoked if the AH were gone. There just needs to be an infrastructure that promotes player interaction and TRADING
No. I have more fun in the AH than actually playing the game.

I already beat the game (it is like the shortest game ever), but I won't feel like I've beaten the AH until I am bajillioned up like some others (I don't put that many hours into it).
To all the people who say they want the auction house gone. Don't use it!!! Same thing as gone. If the rest of us want it then how does it affect you? Just don't look at it. I put in a lot of time on this game but if the auction house goes then so do I. One can only kill 150,000 rares and champs and got no loot worth a crap for so long and it gets old. When I get tired of killing monsters I go play on the auction house, its like a game inside a game. Anyway if you don't like the auction house then don't use it. I like it.
Yes, I would come back to the game if AH was completely removed.

I could live without it. In fact, I was playing completely self-found for months and had all of my chars through Inferno before I decided to use some gold to upgrade my Monk. I find the AH to be another fun aspect of the game, and a way to trade gear without dealing with 3rd parties.

Gold AH is Epic but RMAH is so bad.
it reason is RMHA has to cant roleback or wipe the game.
user not have to think the server cost.

my life's roll is so very bad.so my luck is bad.
but AH is help me. it's very very good.
Yes, in fact I've been playing a toon that goes the self found / self crafted route for a time now and she is doing pretty fine (mp3/mp4), specially after 1.0.8...
No one that is still playing this terrible game would quit because of no ah. Anyone saying they would is bsing.

Then again removing the ah wouldn't bring anyone back because the itemization is still boring making the loot hunt still bad and an arpg with a bad loot hunt is just not fun.
NO ~ @ paragon 100, better items than I'm wearing still don't just drop very often... People would be hard pressed to trade in-game the best item they've found.
No, AH is the reason why i'm still playing. I wasn't able to compete with my 600dps bow and little resistance pre 1.04. Itemization is so bad.
Yes, if there were more crafting options, quests which awarded possible methods of gear upgrades, etc.

It is encouraging to see that Blizzard opted to audit/reverse transactions related to the gold duplication exploit, and act against those who participated with the exploit. The unavailability of the Auction House(s) provides an opportunity for us to more immediately verify what was useful (what we miss not being able to access) and consider other methods of improving characters (that both currently exist or that would be a useful/viable addition to the game) to a greater extent than we likely would were the Auction House still available.

It's just a matter of perspective, how we opt to consider the situation.
05/10/2013 03:32 AMPosted by Gilamarth
No - The RMAH is my investment vehicle of choice

A portion of the Auction House Terms of Use
You will not:

(i) obtain or attempt to obtain any information from the Auction Houses or Diablo using any method not expressly permitted by Blizzard;
(ii) intercept, examine or otherwise observe any proprietary communications or protocols used by Diablo or the Auction Houses, including, without limitation, through the use of a network analyzer, packet sniffer or other type of software or hardware device;
(iii) use the Auction Houses as an investment vehicle;
(iv) use any third-party software to collect information from or through Diablo or the Auction Houses;
(v) use cheats, automation software (bots), mods, hacks, or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or automate any Auction House process;
(vi) violate any applicable law or regulation in connection with your use of Diablo or the Auction Houses; or
(vii) connect to or use the Auction Houses in any way not expressly permitted by this Auction House TOU.

And yes, I would continue to play Diablo III without the use of an auction house, I probably would just play less. it would certainly be harder to progress, but it then could feel rewarding to play (that is if they augmented drop rates and itemization properly).
No. I wouldnt play D3 without the auction house. Im already borderline playing. The auction house is so bland and hard to find anything useful. The new feature where you can see the stats in the auction house was an amazing addition. I would not spend countless hours to find absolutely nothing, because of the vast items. The auction house allows everyone to have the chance to get decent gear.

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