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As a few others have said...

I wouldn't play for long without the AH with the current state of the game/items/drops. Just not feasible to find enough upgrades to further my characters.

I currently play MP3 or 5, depending on what mood I'm in, and those are exciting MPs in that I die sometimes, but not often enough to get overly frustrated. That being said, I'd like to eventually get up to 7, 8, 9, or even 10 sometime, but I don't see that happening without the AH (assuming current state of game).
No!!! With out the AH this game is boring. You can grind only for so long till you get tired of grinding then you go to the AH if you got the gold to see what other upgrades you can find and when you do fine a nice upgrade it makes the game a bit more exciting with out hours of grinding the same thing with none to little results. Yes you can do the hole leveling but that will only get you so far till you get bored of the game and the drop rate for a nice legendary after the patch came out SUCKS and you can even ask a high Paragon toon and its still a gamble if you will even get a nice upgrade or a nice roll at that.


NO Fun.
I guess you will be getting your answer. But really did you have to ask that question. Look at what the gold dupe bug caused. It already has caused us to be playing without an AH of any kind. You can see how it affects everyone here on the forums.
05/10/2013 11:08 AMPosted by Emt
Obviously everyone would. I have not seen one person actually quit.

I would quit. To expand on what I said above, I have found a grand total of 1 upgrade for a level 60 character, of which I have 3.

Assuming the same frequency and quality of drops, there would be little, to no, point of playing. I'd be mired in the same difficulty, slogging away hoping for that godly drop... and judging by my "success" so far in both D3, and years ago in D2, I'd never find it.

So yes... I would quit after a few weeks to a month. Too redundant, too boring.
05/10/2013 11:07 AMPosted by Scorch
Why would switching off the AH for yourself also unlock a bunch of new gameplay mechanics? That would make no sense. You are an idiot. Never post on the forums again, kthxbai.

wow who wrote this clearly you have no idea what im talking about nor the intellectual brain to read on through my quote to understand ........................ god laughing hard at you!!!!!

complete moron you must not have played diablo 1 or 2
i would hope blizzard would bring runes back so we could use them for trading like we use to
Yes (If I do play again)

If itemization is fixed, drop quality is improved, or a ladder system is introduced, maybe even an offline mode. I would play again.

The AH is officially dead to me now.
YES, for sure. I prefer it this way.

No. Not unless they patched the game so that it was reasonable for me to expect me to FIND upgrades for myself.

I'm sure it's just random luck but since the AH has been nuked I HAVE been finding good drops.
Yes. I would prefer it. The game is much better without it, A greater community will build. More firends will be made. More interaction between players is a GREAT thing. More things will have a bigger value. Like tomes of essence and otehr crafting materials. You can no longer just go and buy stacks of them in seconds, You'll actualy have to interact with people to meet your needs. This will drive the price up of these materials, possibly making salvaging items worthwhile.

You would actualy feel gear progression. Drops would be way more fun for someone who has never experienced the AH, as he would likely continue to find upgrades regularly.

It would be amazing.

Sure, it is fun to just browse the AH and buy a whole set of upgrades in 15 minutes and test it out. But really, that becomes boring very fast as you are making faceless trades with people you'll never know about. This also causes you to get a very skewed view of the drop rates in the game. Trifecta items would now be insanely godly, almost out of reach for most people. mp10 would be retarded to even think about doing. It would be as it was meant to be. a LONG road of progression. This is enhance the endgame by 10x.

If they removed the AH though, They would also have to acompany that with a reset. Because we all are already geared out, if they removed the AH on us now, we would never be satisfied again because it would be very unlikely to actualy get upgrades at this point.
The thing is, over 90% of the players can say "Yes, I will play without the AH", but nothing would be changed because this is such an integral part of the game.
Blizzard has had an issue since day 1.

The "longevity" of this game is not there without the AH since the drop rates and the itemization is so bad (really the wide range of affix values at the higher item levels is the big issue .. getting an level 63 item with less of a stat than you found in Hell difficulty)

Whether it was their intention or not .. they made a game where finding stuff on your "own"

It seems designed like a lot of these "free to play" smartphone games ... looks fun at first .. but when you realize you have to play for a ton of time to progress even a little bit WITHOUT paying ... the game quickly loses its luster.

Same thing with D3 .. once you look at the AH and see how much better stuff is there than you EVER found on your own (For example .. I can't ever imagine completely a set (even if it was crappy stats) on my own ... ever .. the amount of time involved is almost inconceivable.

Why make a game where a lot of the content is just simply unavailable to the player UNLESS they use the AH ? (in any form).
No. Not unless they patched the game so that it was reasonable for me to expect me to FIND upgrades for myself.

I mean I am 90% agreeing with this guy. I have spent about 70 hours with no upgrades that didn't' come off the AH. My biggest problem is, without upgrades I can't up MP, without upping MP my chance stays low. Vicious circle.
They would have to itemize things better, or have a stat trader or something similar to Guild Wars.
Yes I would still play. But for those that say no, remember that there will still be 3rd party sites selling gold and items. How Diablo 2 was all day long in chat channels sadly, just fyi.
Yes I would still play because I have to assume the drop rates would change based on that. Honestly I don't use the AH that much and I don't play auction-ablo so I wouldn't have any issues at all.

Games shouldn't be a vehicle for people making money anyway, it makes games have to focus on real-world economy issues, which make the game itself less enjoyable.
05/10/2013 11:15 AMPosted by Camisto
You can no longer just go and buy stacks of them in seconds, You'll actualy have to interact with people to meet your needs.
But I hate interacting with people. You obviously did not play D2 much, having to deal with every other person in trade trying to scam you or get one over on you. wasting 1/2 your gaming time trying to find something only to end up not being able to close the deal. The hours of spamming trade channels or scouring through posts to find the item you want. And since each Potential item in this game has such a huge discrepancy in terms of stats, it will literally take forever to find the right stats for you.

This game was designed with a working AH in mind. That's why the itemization is what it is. Without the AH this game is dead.
Yes, with better itemization !!
Yes, if the AH were gone (and drop rates / itemization improved to compensate) I would come back. The AH and RMAH is the reason I stopped playing ... no idea how many people are in the same position I am.

If they offered the option of a completely AH-free mode I would reroll there and come back. The RMAH puts a dollar value on my time and I'm simply incapable of disconnecting my mind from that perceived value ... so I quit. If others don't mind it, great ... I'm just not interested in spending my time in a game with microtransactions.

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