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05/10/2013 11:26 AMPosted by Slapswell
Yes, if the AH were gone (and drop rates / itemization improved to compensate) I would come back.
But you obviously play WoW and it has an AH...
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I have to agree with alot of the other players here. I wouldn't be playing without the AH right now. Mainly because I don't want to sit here and repeat areas for hundreds of hours and finally maybe finding one half way decent piece of gear for upgrades. It would be easier to just poke my eyes out with a screwdriver and cut of my fingers so I can't play....lol

1 hour ago

LMAO. agree!
05/10/2013 11:29 AMPosted by ChaosLeech
Yes, if the AH were gone (and drop rates / itemization improved to compensate) I would come back.
But you obviously play WoW and it has an AH...

Should have been more specific. RMAH. Which wasn't the OP question, I know.
Well not being able to use the ah has been a bummer its somthing else to do besides mindlessly grinding away. Gave me a break and made my heart race when I sniped somthing good for cheep. Honestly ive been bored as !@#$ the last few days
05/10/2013 11:31 AMPosted by Slapswell
Should have been more specific. RMAH. Which wasn't the OP question, I know.
Whats wrong with making a couple of bucks playing a video game? If you say you don't like it because it lets people buy their gears, well... that happens in WoW too just off site. It's been going on like forever in Diablo2. All blizzard did was make it official so they could make some $ and provide (laughs) some security to the situation instead of everyone using untrusted 3rd party sources.
Yes. Game is still fun. Would still be able to trade with others and give away stuff to newer players.
the crafting situation is getting pretty good. it would be nice to just use the AH on occasion and for crafting supplies.

but tragically it's not there yet.

wouldn't it be turbo cool if there was a place to put up free items for new players or lower dps players to have. would totally stick up free items for people to just grab. any opinions?
Absolutely would continue to play! When this game released prices on the auction house have always been crazy outrageous. For the most of the legit players out there i bet most of them have had limited use of the AH and prolly spent around 10m lifetime or less. My most expencive item was only 6m, and proud to say it, never had over 15m.

I would like to see a Auction house style Lobby you can join and trade like old diablo 2 maybe name your games even etc
If they fix itemization in a way that you can actually expect to find an upgrade at high gear lvl in a reasonable period of time, that would be great. But in the state the game is right now, impossible.
05/10/2013 03:37 AMPosted by DJINN
Nope. No point in farming for hundreds of hours to try and get a minor upgrade.
YES, if they beefed up drop rate to compensate.

otherwise NO, I'm done
I would like the option of playing without the AH. Maybe a separate server group, like hardcore, where the AH does not exist and economy is trade only.

Good gear is just so hard to find without using the AH. I think D3 needs a complete itemization overhaul before removing the AH completely would actually make the game better.

In fact I haven't played at all since finding out about the gold bug.

I thought they would have fixed everything by now, but I guess I was wrong and will be starting to play a different game instead.
Yes if I could get my gear out of the completed tab I'd be all for it....
imo an AH defeats the purpose of an item hunt game. and the effect this AH has had on this game has led to the itemization problems we now have. items that simply are no fun to find.

no AH would have been better than what we have now.
I have only been playing for the last few weeks and I can say the AH makes this game little more fun. Since its been down I have actually lost interest in the game by a lot. I mean the game itself in AH prices is way op anyways but now I cant even buy stuff cause I don't got the gear to trade for other gear..but I do have the gold so plz bring it back up asap.
Yep, wouldn't be missed.
i want to say yes

But no, the game is not optimized for finding your own gear at a fast enough rate as d2 was. if they fixed that id be able to play without it, but they never will.

If they fixed the game to be that way than they would make a ton less money from the AH

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