Error 3007?

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I just logged into Diablo 3 and everytime I click the AH, my profile, etc I get booted offline and it says error 3007. Anyone else getting this?
Apparently people are trying to pin this on Cox communications, which I don't buy.
This has been happening to me since they brought the AH back up.
It isn't limited to the AH, I got booted from a couple of games too. Error 3007 and sometimes 3005.
I havent been able to be in game for longer than 5 minutes without getting the error. =/
Even the website is slow, takes at least 1 minute to load onto a page for me. Game is unplayable at the moment due to this error. I guess it'll be back up to normal later on.
I have been getting the same error 3007, and it has only happened since the AH came back up, I get like 3 mins of play, and then it says that I have been disconnected from the game client, and then just kicks me off the server, with the message 3007

I too have Cox Communications....
Been having the same problem. I also have Cox, and a few other people that I know that have been trying to get on D3 (who also have cox) have been having trouble alllll night....Would really like some sort of explanation,lol........Just fueled up on a buncha energy drinks so I could get down on some D3 :(
I also have cox communications....
Been getting 3007 error.
Ive got Cox and ya been screwing up for hours now
yup i also have cox communucations and having the same Error 3007
I use Cox as my ISP and have been getting the same error #3007. I switched from my home network(Cox) to my mobile wifi hotspot(Sprint) and haven't got another error since. Maybe there is something to this problem with Cox after all.
If its not one thing its another. Damn you Someone!
Everyone has Cox so trying to blame something on them is passing the buck. The game is unplayable right now. Fix it Blizzard. First time i have ever had a character die before she even reached tristram.
everyone has cox??? Half the world does not Tymen
Weird, I've been getting it too and also have Cox Communication.
Cox here as well - same problem.
I have cox also but all my other games are running perfectly fine. If it was cox I think all of them would be affected.
You will have to excuse my hyperbole. I was rather attached to my lvl1 Hardcore Wizard named Bluzio. I had high hopes for her.

Blizzard is too busy to even put a note on the log in screen about this? (Considering a LARGE % of their players are connected via Cox)
3007 .. ?
With the 1.0.8 patch ... ?

Redirect .... ?

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