Error 3007?

Technical Support

I called COX. They confirmed that they were having issues connecting with blizzard and both sides were "working to resolve the issue." COX is always dropping the ball.
getting it right now i have pissed
Another prime example of why Offline mode would be really nice. Online only was billed as to stop dupes hacks and exploits. It's pretty safe to say THAT didn't work. So can we have an Offline mode in the next patch so when crap like this happens we aren't SoL?
I use Cox Communications, same problem. It would seem that the ISP is the common variable. Now we just need to do something about it.
At least Cox will confirm there is a problem. Would be nice if Blizzard was a little more communicative about this.
This is unbelievably annoying after waiting all this time to buy new items.
Same Problem.

In a game for 2 minutes and it will freeze, i get the boot, and get disconnected. After about four times whats the point, can't stay in to play so why bother. Pure drudgery at every angle trying to play this game.
The game is so incredibly flawed in so many ways. Offline play was a feature that I was hoping for from d2 and should have been part of the d3 package. Does blizz even know what the players liked most about the game anyway??
cant even play now getting dc'd every 5 sec !@#$ me
Odd Im on cox as well. Was wondering what the problem was.
Yup... Error 3007 this morning. Cox communications here too. Going to try on my Verizon Wireless connection in a minute...
Fixed..played like 3 hours straight.

I had same problem before (Cox)
I had a problem with error 3007 for two months, (It's favorite time to disconnect on me, Right when I dropped a legendary and couldn't pick it up.)

I finally got it fixed the other day. I tried joining general chat, I tried switching over to the Europe server and back to the Americas, I re-added all the ports I needed, I constantly reset my router, I even read that someone uninstalled uTorrent and then they stopped getting 3007, I tried it all, and nothing worked. I was starting to think it was just my computer's net card going shot, but I had no problems with any other online games that I play.

I did the last thing I could think of and did a factory reset on my router, added the ports again, and everything worked just fine. I recommend a factory reset if nothing else works for you. Hope this helps!

Also, this is NOT a cox issue, I have Charter internet.
I am having the same problem this is getting really bad now :( some days are ok most days are not now it seems, tried all the torubling shooting tips and well versed with my moden settings and nothing :(

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