Ice Climbers Appreciation Thread

In Honor of "brizors" the bestest Diablo pal ever.

Since Nat's are always getting all the love I thought it would be cool to show off our Climbers and to see just how epic they can be. So how many of my fellow monks are rocking some sexy Ice Climbers? What made you choose Climbers over Nat's? How much do you love yours?

I'll start;

My buddy bought me these amazing Ice Climbers last night:

Turns out they are #1 Dex/Vit/Cold res IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

I chose the Climber route because I don't have any set bonuses in order to achieve "Maximum Speed!" and since Climbers give unbeatable EHP. Climbers also give the very best possible stat stack of any legendary item in the game too.

170-200 main stat (Dex: max 300)
+10-12% life <- Awesome
+ Socket <- Awesome
+ Cold dmg reduction (redundant) "fear no ice bomb"
+3 Random Properties (vit, Dex/vit, single res or armor)

I love my climbers! Without them I couldn't get away with single life steal without having to weapon swap against reflect packs so I wouldn't be able to use my max speed echoing fury 24/7 :D

Who else appreciates Climbers?
I have a pair for doing tough stuff, adds a lot of hp and resists, when I had Lacuni I wore them full time.
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Who else appreciates Climbers?

I do!

Just to be a bit different and also a decent Nat's can cost quite a bit!
Loving the ehp from them!
starting too :)
Ice ice baby... >;)
Had a zuni boot for sometime after that it was IC all the way :D Was rocking a 230dex 90vit 50fire resist one for a long time when I sniped this gem [the one i'm wearing] for 14mil :) Wish it had a bit more dex but hey can't complain at that price :D

People keep telling me to go for nat's set but all I get is a paltry 13k dps boost at the loss of 180k ehp. Definitely can't go that way while playing mp8-mp10. Missing movement speed but these days with the insane mob density I don't miss it that much :)

But they look like anklets/shin guards while equipped :( FWs and Zuni's look way too cool compared to ICs.
Currently rocking the ones I found months ago, although the rest of my monk's gear is in shambles. Definitely loving the defensive boost that I couldn't get/afford from nat's combo.
currently rocking a really sick pair of zuni trail boots, but i have a pair of nice ice climbers in my bag (not stash) that i sometimes use when i like to get my HP over 100k..

the IC i use are something like 260 dex/80 vit/12% life/11% move speed or somethin..
I'm a fan even though mine aren't anything too special. Eventually I'd like to up the dex a bit.
Very nice ice climbers. I found mine in AH for 400m and they where a steal. Managed to sniped them. It is hard to get high dps without nat's but I would not change my ice climbers for nothing.

Edit: I love how they look in female monk. barefoot ftw!!!
Same here, ice climbers rock, great EHP bonus
Yep, big IC fan here too
Who likes high dex/vit + move speed?

Im not a lightning monk (no OwE thats bunk), but if I was....oh boy
Loving my ice climbers, moved away from a nat set and I'm quite happy with the EHP boost it gave.
natalya can go !@#$ herself
^Natalya is alright >;) it just in high demand that's all >:)
I used to have #7 Dex Ice climbers in the world, #2 or 1 US, can't remember - but i sold them.

Nat's are too good.
I quite like mine with movement speed on my monk.
After getting rid of my low-tier Natalya ring/boots, I just purchased my IC today for 80M. This is my second biggest purchase ever but I thought it was a good deal.

200 dex
78 vit
116 total resist
11% life
12% MS
@Solo: how much was your dagger? sooo beautiful lol

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