Rank my monk!?

I am completely open to critics. If im doing something wrong or need to work on something, i am open to any and all opinions. thank you. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Chill-1179/hero/16448849
Your vit is EXTREMELY LOW. You need some health asap. Life % is useless without vit haha. Reroll those gloves or buy some better ones, look for more vit on them too. Try getting a inna's vast expanse with more vit and maybe try some in your temperance, definitely try to get some in bracers. Your rings could easily get you some more damage and vit. I would trade that sun keeper for something more high dps and more cd. I'm not sure how necessary the half roll of dex extra on your ice climbers, I would recommend vit on those instead of the half and half. But you could also switch to nats. I would say switch your mempo for a radiance but it might be difficult, you just need some more crit.

Okay now your skills, unless you plan on a better tempest rush build (first start with a good skorn) get cyclone on your sweeping wind, and faith in light on your blinding light. I would recommend dropping your tempest rush unless you are planning on making necessary changes (I don't know much about tempest rush builds to help you there but their are lots of guides and people here that do) and getting either cyclone strike or bells. Definitely switch your sixth sense with seize the initiative because of your high dex.

Anyway good luck! There will be a lot of more veterans here to help you out too :D
Your monk looks fragile!

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