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Demon Hunter
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Test out a cheap zuni boot and look at your sheet dps...

id suggest u drop the ar on your witching hour as there only 20 ar,i think it be better to get high dex(120+) and a vit(50+) roll.i suggest going for a 2s manti core with 1150 dps plus slotting it for 1 ruby and 1 emerald.bracers could use more ar(50+).go for inna chest as u already have the pants high vit(200+) and dex(150+) should do.go nats boots with vit roll 70+.

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um 9/10?

it's better than mine so . . . . yeah . . .
@ xLOKIx

Nice wind force. Getting over 100k dps with wind force seemed not so easy for you. but you're heading the right way. Keep going!


haha 500k with wf, nice!

your dex is pure obscenity. 11/10.

anyone can adivce me how to change my gear to play MP10 without changing my skills?
what is your dodge rate?

6.5/10, keep crafting my friend.


You have one of the nicest DH I have seen so far. Huge dps, huge HP, a lot of resists. And also, I have never seen a build like yours! Seems interesting!

I have to ask. Did you use RMAH to buy gold or items?


i suggest trying to upgrade the gems, and craft better shoulders and bracers

always great to see people trying to make the windforce work in a build! keep at it bro looks great.

@DICe 9/10...amazing AR.
@anwin 8/10 very nice DH overall well balanced.
@Sung 7/10

Still some improvement to be made, but very good
@mojito 8/10.. nice Dh
9/10 Cross.

Curious tho. a High dex/vit Inna's chest you could wear and drop in a WH.

Is that your next upgrade path? I can see the 8/35 minimum overtaking the 130 dex maybe even if you get a total shiethouse WH with wrong stats on it maybe.

Rich boi.


You have 80k+ hp, you don't nees perfectionist lol. Maybe use vengence.

Aight I wanna see what people think of super ultra mega fluffy DH :)

You need to change bracers, gloves and boots.. try to get a bit more dex, AR and CC.


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