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Demon Hunter
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You a really nice DH but ur eHP i feel is a bit low. With ur current gear, it won't be an easy task to fix.

Here is what I would do but u may not like it :

We can get 80 AR in pratically any item slot. However the chest can go up to 300 vit and should try to take advantage of that!

Get a inna's chest with 201+ vit, 150+ dex
Get litany of the undaunted with crit damage to make up lost resist.

Overall 8/10 ^.^
Vocal pretty good overall DH you got alot of room for upgrades to get ur DPS up, but from what i real u know alot so not much for me to say!

Vocal pretty good overall DH you got alot of room for upgrades to get ur DPS up, but from what i real u know alot so not much for me to say!


Never be afraid to speak ur opinions! My DH is 100% made for snapshotting dps, so my gear seems very weird. The downside is that my eHP is really low before snapshotting :(

It seems your crit chance is a little low. I think its only at 26% (Base 5, Pants 1, DML 10, Bait the trap 10). Higher cc will help disc regen through nightstalker. Probalby why you're using bitter pill tho.

Your resist is a little low which in turn makes your ehp pretty low. Your hp is nice at 55k (comparing diabloprogress) but with 350k ehp might be hard to do higher mps.

Its mostly nit picking here and there to get more stats like cc and ar.

I like how you hit the bombardment break point with your attack speed. I like playing with that much atk speed or higher esp with a manticore. Nice gems.

Overall 7.5/10


Only thing you can get are better stats on crafts. Probably some vit on bracers and 1.5 more cc or extra dex on shoulders. Nit picking little stats here and there; but gl with crafting better than what you've made.

Overall really really nice gear. Love your calamity and gear setup.

9.5/10 Nice DH
Again, crit chance is meaningless to me as I will change to cc gear while channelling :P

Aah snapshoting should have known with the magefist. ops lol

Probably some vit on your chest or pants. You can get an extra 100 each unless you swap those too.
Ill be changing all my gear to nat legacy set im tanky cc gear.
As for my set for snapshotting, yeah I need more eHP lol, but don't want to spend a lot in case of nerf.

As well looking for a nice ring upgrade but I need 8 ias on it :( 7 won't go over the breakpoint
Magefist also dropped my armor a lot :(
Hi, please let me know what you think of my DH Slayer. Thanks
@slayer 6/10.

Swap out steady aim for archery.

I mean, you do have a lot of vit, armour and resistances but your dps is low. More of a tank build I guess which makes me wonder why you have SA.

Also, swap a ruby into your manti instead of two emeralds.

Gear is good. 9/10 but you don't need the pink gem in ur pants.

Skillset you simply neet additional source of hatred. No vengence, bat companion, punishment rune so I don't see how will u get enough hatred. 6/10

Looking pretty decent. try upgrading now to better version of your items, however your going the right way! 7/10


You can post as many as you want but don't make people skip over because of you.
Its a bit slow tho :(

FrozenArrow that is by far the lowest dps windforce user I have ever seen . I suggest some more dps items. :)
have the etiquette to wait patiently for others to rate you whether they have better or worse character. It's part of the excitement that other is able to judge your character, but mostly usually it's positive judging. come back next the hour and check people's response to yours. or else create your own thread to rate yours specifically than ruining this thread for others.

you forgot to add another '0'
for 600k dps.

I'm sorry your rating has failed.
600k dps is very low :)
it's quite enough to get your mother pregnant :)
Check out the deeps of my DH. It will make u jelly for sure.
I've already deeped in to your mothers. ops.
06/21/2013 10:55 AMPosted by FrozenArrow
I've already deeped in to your mothers. ops.

Oh noes! Dx
wow now we're being rude

@ Nyan you have fun and give lots of DHS help and advice and you enjoy all kinds of builds

Seen you around a lot and you do good things, keep it up

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