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Demon Hunter
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@Aerodyne - Pretty nice considering no nats. What is your damage without ss?
05/24/2013 01:10 PMPosted by Rukkian
What is your damage without ss?

About 289k not enough
@ Rukkian

Very nice gear, love your calamity.

Personally I prefer high velocity to bombardment though ;)

- Sele

you need more ar
^ GG. I don't even need to mention anything.
@DKSmoove I give you a 7.95 / 10. I would work on upgrading gems in weapons first!
@ScaryGary only thing i see thats a tad low is your AR, however you do have a nice amount of physical resistance! I really like that you use a bow, its rare to find a good bow dh these days!
@CashMonay: well hmm, upgrade your gems is the only thing I can say, and get a perfect mempo!


first up i would up the weapon, probably make the jump to 1200+ dps 2os.
then add crit on mempo and hellring

my char
@ Death

Nothing bad to say, I like what you're doing. 9/10. Although, I'm wondering if contagion is worth it over grim reaper. Hmm.

- Sele
@Death, I like the windforce build. One suggestion would be to replace SA with CtW and swap your withering fire run on RF for Web Shot. Would recommend finding a higher knockback chance windy in the mid 40%'s to proc even more. Looking good gear wise. Might want to look into going with a Zuni's Trail boots with 8-9% poison damage added on with a dex roll of 200ish. You should gain a good amount more DPS and you will only be dropping the 130 nat's set bonus and keep your crit bonus that way.

8/10 windy love =D
@ShadarAie, Finally i can see another player playing dual wield.Thumb up your gears and also understood dual wield rarely player play.
8/10 Dual wield rocks.
OMG- two dual wielders in a row!
10's all the way.
Go easy on me, just getting going- currently a zero cost set (all hammy downs).

I'm a little confused with how you had socketed your weapons. Not sure if you have run your setup through a dps calculator, but more often than not, a ruby in calamity will give you more dps and the emerald can go into the spite. That's a very nice spite by the way!

Besides the weapons, the choice of amulet seems out of place as well. In my opinion, you are better off crafting an amulet, which may roll 300+ dex, or high dex trifecta (if you are very lucky). Being a dual wielder, naturally your vit will be lower than 1h + dead man's combination. You could try crafting shoulders and bracers for better vit roll, unless of course you really like to keep the ias on bracers.

Everything else looks good. Like you said, its hard to see a dual wielder nowadays. As long as you're having fun, that's all that matters! :)
@ iskandar

I swap the ruby from calamity to spite due to the numbering change significantly.As for the amulet cos i'm tempt to have life on hit to survive during mp10.Maybe few weeks later i'm planning get cc and cd bracer that's a loop on it..Easily to increase dps more.Just wait for my budget ready. Seriously i really having fun dual wield no regret..
Pretty solid setup, been wanting to try Calamity for some time but hard to get away from my xbow. Well balanced but room to improve gear, but thats the fun of the game. 8.5/10
@iskandar 9.5/10
so jealous u had all high end gear :D!!! 0.5 is deducted because glove and ammy are not prefect enough.

I think they missed you. You still have long way being prefect. You are on the right track which you don't use sharpshooter/steady aim and you are decent amount of AR
@Hinary 8/10

Personally, I'd like a bit more attack speed and vit in that build. Other then that pretty nice.

@ The dual wielders


I've also been through dual wielding. But at the moment the +15% attack speed from dual wielding isn't worth giving the +20% attack speed from the quiver.

The only thing I can recommend is balance out the dps on them bows. Put a ruby in the lower dps and a em in the higher dps. You will notice a higher total dps. Test it out for yourself.

Very nice setup! 10/10, got no idea on how to improve it except for a trifecta ring?

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