Anyone else still getting error 3005/3006?...

Technical Support
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same first error


next try was

wtf's going on ...i can see many of mi friends play from the batlenet app....but i cant get in ...i get stuck at authenticating credentials....
EU region btw
30 min ago I was playing , even though the past few days I had several disconnecting issues.
Now having error 3006 :(
how blizzard cant solve these problems i cant understand that.. its blizzard man.. Blizzard.. I have those problem since 3 years... it hoes hide and come back sometimes.. whats wrong with it..
Started getting error 3006 all of a sudden.
Restarted my router, flushed dns etc. None worked.

EU Server.
Yeah, us servers do not get these kinds of stuff much. So why eu only??
now i've Error 33... Server Fail... Checked status, all online.. what kind a curse i've got!:...
change the servers page here

it's confuses us ....
EU servers are down {[error 33] Maintenance}
blizzard have no idea about what happens game. You need real technicians.

Theyre trying to fix issues... Thats blizzard Twitter page... fallow that.
I can't even access the EU tech support web page to report the inability to log in to EU servers...

Yet the server status page says all up...

Come on Blizz!
it "evolved" (someone trying to fix it?) to error 33 Server Down for Maintenance
... and now error 34200. now that's consistency :)
ok, my pc and my account, my sons pc and his account and my wifes Pc and account all error 33 now, a few hours ago error 3005. strange fact.. we can all still in options use asia server and US, shame there laggy as hell for this house we would have use US server from day 1.
im just glad i dont stream D3 anymore this would be a huge let down for the subs.

cmon activision err blizz get it fixed
01/29/2014 10:47 AMPosted by SarFire
change the servers page here

it's confuses us ....
EU servers are down {[error 33] Maintenance}

Yep that site is a fake.
From Blizzard Twitter:

Blizzard CS EU ‏@BlizzardCSEU_EN 3 mins

We apologise once again for the inconveniemce caused by today's outages, we're working as fast as we can! More updates in an hour. #BlizzCS
Error 3006, need offline mode!!!
I sad to not play in Diablo 3
I can not play 10 hours ago
What is error 3005?
I do can play in time Once?
I have to play in the U.S. server
Cant play on EUrope Server ..... 3005 error in every 1 minute after starting game !!!!!

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