Manajuma's set vs Skorn for Cloud of Bats?

Witch Doctor
Should I use a Skorn with life steal or a manajuma's set with bad medicine for the 20% damage reduction for a cloud of bats build?

Also any tips on my build would be great.
If that is the way you want to compare, then go for Skorn. Reason being, when using 1H and Bad Medicine passive, the in-coming damage may be from range or AOE, which is not near enough to receive your damage from CoB (thus the passive did not trigger).

Your build is ok, do experiment on your own, WD class has a large variety of skills. As a Skorn user, I recommend you to increase your critical hit chance, the more the merrier.
i have fallen in love with mit/ehp+skorn combo.. i'm not really fond of dying tho
1h/mojo fan here.

Though keep in mind the 1h/mojo route is long and potentially very expensive. Mind you, Skorn is only getting more expensive as the days go passed it seems like. That being said, I'd still push 2h before pushing a 1h/mojo set up, even though it's what I prefer.
A lot of it is playstyle, I have a good no great Manajuma (3ls & Socket 80+CD)set, and a good not great Skorn with LS. The MCK will trigger faster to get bats started ,

I prefer using my TOTD to the Chicken due to the PU radius even though the sheet DPS is a bit less.

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