There was an error retrieving licences - 10/16

Technical Support
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Having the same thing here. I hope they fix it sooner rather than later.
same issue
getting the same problems, please fix!
FUUU i can not log on EU server for this sh*t!
same problem here :(
same here
Same issue Jezus christ, just recently started playing again and I got this t o deal with already.

Logged in to EU for about 15 mins wanted to play on my DH hardcore did resume game but the game didnt start, no loading screen w/e,

Logged out and now I can't log back in Error code 3006 There was an error retrieving licences
They claim this was fixed over 8 hours ago... It just started happening for both myself and my husband.

(EU server)
The same thing just happened to me... left game, tried to resume and it was all over :(
Got this error just now. Has never happened to me before.
Same here...never happened before.
Same issue here, Europe region here though.
Same, Europe here
Please fix this... Also you guys should make ladders or something because the rich people keeps getting richer and the economy is fu**ed up.. Fresh start with everyone on level 1 (of course the ones who choose ladder) would be awesome.
Same here. From Europe.
Same problem now! Never happend before!
Fix this problem hastily please!
same here....
I played this morning, and now it wont connect
yep. Just logged out because game froze.. Now getting this same error..

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