Murlocket, you guys, you guys, MURLOCKET

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Finally found one

ITT: post your murlockets.
That's a legacy one, so you gotta buy it.
hmm I just found one in Act 2 normal. (HC)
I am only level 20 but this amulet is req. level 45 !? oO
Somebody post a screen of the monster that is summoned please.
There's a guide here

...what do you do with it? Look at it? Link it randomly in chat channels?
You summon a little murloc that does absolutely nothing.
I farmed these when the patch dropped and they were selling for a decent price, unfortunately the demand has worn off but the pet is pretty cool!

I have a legacy murlocket on one of my mules for safekeeping :) I think they are worth over 200 mil now.
These amulets are useless... nice find though - I hear they are hard to get for some reason.
Found this one awhile go:

Are they worth anything?
Found this one awhile go:

Are they worth anything?

There's a guide here
The elusive Murlocket is one of my favorite Easter Eggs in Diablo III. It's neat to see that others in Sanctuary out there have discovered the glory of "MrrRwlRwlRwlRwl!" from the depths. ;)
Vaeflare, why did the devs make this a lowly magic item when they brought it back instead of a legendary as it was before?
Let me get this straight, the legacy one was legendary, and required level 45, the new one is blue, and required level 60? Why are some blues req. level 45?? This amulet is weird.
Probably so it would actually have a chance to drop.

I was quite disappointed having gone to 60 on 3 characters (before MP was an option) and never found a legendary or set item ..

Why bother designing such items if they are so rare .. that they are practically non-existant to a non-AH player?
Why don't you reply to the "obvious bot is obvious" thread instead of dicking around, thx
The Legendary Igor's Amulet

+88 to Igor
+87 to Igor
+87 to Igor
+84 to Igor
+37 to Igor resistance
+66 resistances to all Igors
regenerate 567 Igores per second
+12 to the madness (only for Igor)

...and say us: how to show my amulet from the chest to know how much gold i can get it for sell?

And show as a path: "file://localhost/D:/Users/Igor/Desktop/101CANON/image004.jpg"

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