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(Original thread above, it may behoove you to check that thread first, quite a few questions have been answered).

For those of us who are S/B and are looking for information on gear, builds, whatever...if it pertains to S/B, feel free to make a post with whatever you may need assistance on. As most know, I've been using a shield since the game came out and can probably provide assistance. Other geared S/B people will also post and hopefully provide assistance as well.

You are welcome to add me in game, just make a note that it is for S/B. I do not have many open friend spots and will most likely need to drop you after providing whatever in game assistance as is needed.

Welcome to the thread and hopefully you are enjoying the S/B build.
Gear Suggestions:

- The primary piece of gear which will tend to make or break your S/B monk is your mainhand (MH). Ideally, you will want to select a MH that has high DPS, AS, LS, LOH and natural CD and/or open socket. You will need CD on your weapon, either via natural CD or an open socket, for high DPS.

- The secondary piece of gear which will greatly impact your build is your shield. Depending on your playstyle and overall gear, you will want the following stats in no particular order of importance: Dex, Vit, Life%, Block%, AR, CC and your resist of choice.

***More to follow***

NOTE: Gearing a S/B can be quite expensive. The easiest approach to gearing is to take your time and understand the gear that you wish to use. I've used DPS and eHP calculators for a long time and do not make any purchases without weighing the pros and cons of each piece of gear. Once I figure out what piece of gear I am looking for, I actively search AH until I find the piece I am looking for. Sometimes, the gear is higher than the price you are willing to pay, therefore you need to be patient and only purchase gear that is within your budget.

NOTE2: For me personally, it's quite a bit faster to provide useful advice if you add me in game. Once in game, I can see how you play and make suggestions, based on your goals, of different gear selections and/or skill usage, which may improve your survival. My primary focus has always been on balancing my hp's, DPS, armor and resists. Over time, I've had to adapt my playstyle based on my gear level.

If you wish to add me, it maybe beneficial to make a post first stating what your goal is (PvP, MP10, whatever). Please be aware that some goals will require a hefty amount of gold so be prepared to take quite some time to acquire the gear you want and be patient, it tends to take time to gear yourself how you want.
Hey JC, trying to up dps on my hardcore dude but finding stuff is hard on AH. Let me know what you think. Trying to do it slowly as well. Not in any rush. Can I add you or add me we can talk in game get a better idea of what I can do to improve on my guy.


Hi JC -

Trying to up my dps/eHP. mp10 would be awesome but I suspect mp9 is more reasonable and I'm happy with that as a goal.

Curious as to what you think my most cost-effective upgrade path would be. I'm thinking crafted shoulders or possibly a high FR cindercoat (can roll up to 120 FR + 50 AR) to free up gear elsewhere, but I'm not sure where to go with that.
I used a shield when I first played and I like the idea (though right now I'm playing with a TR build). But back then, I was trying to max out block % with Stormshield, Helm of Command and Justice Lantern (the latter of which I never acquired). However, that requires sacrificing stats in a lot of places.

So I guess the real question is this: how important is block % in a S/B build? Thanks in advance.
I'm a diehard S/B monk, I don't play 24/7 (might go a week or two here and there without signing on), I don't use real money, and I love to tank. I really am just here for fun (who isn't), but for the sport of it, I'd like to be able to contribute to a group doing MP10 monster slaying runs.

That being said, I kinda have to play S/B because of my playing style. Besides that, I enjoy it. Unfortunately, my RL bf is usually who I play with and he's a super high DPS DH who can do MP10 runs easily. I can barely hold my own in MP8, but after giving up OWE recently (was given some pretty sweet gear I couldn't pass up) I'm finding that I can't tank like I used to. (not surprising)

Anyway... if you could take a look at my gear, and let me know... should I be focusing on making bracers, or just save all my golds for a new MH next? Obviously I need several upgrades, but I'm wondering which would be the most bang for my buck (so to speak).

I would like to rock the S/B banner, I'm going to be partnering with a CM wiz most of the time so being a strong tank that can hold everything in place would be ideal all the way up to MP10 if possible I have about a 400-600M budget.

Phreak#1770 is my tag if you could find some time to help me out, thanks!
Im down to help out where I can! I cant say I am Jco status but I know what to look for. I am also selling a few shields if anyone is interested in looking. I should be on all night, as I am on the overnight at work :) Add me if you need some help! Ghost#1581
jco, this thread (well, the previous one) has helped me so much since i began playing d3.
it's not much, but i'd like to spread the fun by donating some shields. i'm a bit compulsive about picking up all shields anymore, maybe i'll find something better than mine someday.

anyway, they aren't godly, but they are free to whoever adds me and asks for one:
#1 1019/14% 142 dex/65 int/109 vit/38 fr/8.5% cc
#2 1208/16% 242 str/165 dex/52 cr/10% cc/5% reduced elite dmg
#3 1001/20% 105 str/136 dex/47 cr/71 ar/8% cc
#4 1105/11% 288 dex/70 vit/28 cr/9.5% cc
Mirage, soloing MP10 ubers will require a few billion in gear for the most part. You'll need a 11XX DPS weapon with CD, LS and a socket. If the weapon damage is over 12XX, you can get LOH instead of CD. The big issue with MP10 ubers is the enrage timer, mainly on SB. With the enrage timer, you'll need at least 175K DPS unbuffed to take SB and ZK out before they hit enrage. As SB has reflect damage, you'll need LOH in addition to LS for sustaining purposes. I swap to a LOH amulet in ubers so I can facetank them. MP10 ubers with a s/b is a gear check.

I'm sure others will post also, I've not done SC for awhile since I've been in HC. I used Mystic Ally when I soloed the ubers along with NDE in case I goofed. The ally will tank for you and NDE will give you a free death, or more if you allow the cooldown to reset.

(Can't quote this thread)
You might not remember who am I, so i post what you said to me to recall :)

I added you again for more S/B questions.
Hey JC,

I'm looking for advice. How do you think i can buff my DPS without sacrificing EHP? The best things I can think of are: craft a better ammy, craft better bracers, craft better gloves and paragon level! Would love to hit 150k unbuffed
Lol Jco you opened the flood gates!
i'll add it to the sticky shortly...

at work right now...
Kamel using the work excuse? More like eating cream puffs again... Still waiting for you to mail me mine! :P

On a different note Jco you should put a link to the first thread in your first post. Still good info there.
First page!

Druin! Welcome back from your extended vacation (I know I know you've been back for a bit and I'm late to the party) ;P you need to put that hammer back in your stash and come join us s&b for a bit lol.

Oh Jco Finite is looking just beastly!
Ok that beastly comment reads kinda funny.....I mean unstoppable...!
05/29/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Wannabee808
Oh Jco Finite is looking just beastly!

It always bothered me a little that my HC Monk is only kinda-sorta-if-you-squint-a-bit as good as Jco's backup backup HC Monk. I don't know why, but I've always had this suspicion that he's one of those people who transferred over SC gold.

Aaaaaaanyway... I just scored a few million from a mace I found and I've now got about 170m in my HC account. Nothing in the AH seems worth buying, though. Not that there aren't some upgradish-sidegradish things to buy, but it whenever I check, it seems like most items are "Drop 50 resist to gain 9K DPS" type upgrades, and even those seem cost 200m or more. I try to do something like add 600+ LoH on my weapon, but even those seem few and far between (and too expensive), and it'll bum me out a little if I don't at least gain a little DPS from that cash.

It seems I'm a little unfamiliar with this new higher-end market.

Any of my items in particular you guys think I should be looking to replace?

(NOTE: That's a BoH:BW buffed log out on my profile, apparently)
Ohhh Hai!!!

Look for edits for assists shortly!

Crafting shoulders would be a good choice, after that I'd advise just playing more, the core stats you'll gain leveling will benefit you greatly in your DPS/eHP goals. After leveling and crafting, it's just a matter of acquiring the gold you need for the items that will benefit your build. That's the part where you'll need patience, it takes time to upgrade your gear.


Block% is not too important since melee damage shouldn't be killing you, it's all the elemental damages which block% doesn't mitigate.


Crafting bracers is probably your best choice. I'd also craft an amulet if you have the essences and gems for it. After that, you'll need to upgrade your MH and probably helm. As you are aware, a Mempo with CC isn't cheap, but the DPS benefits of them are hard to beat.


Since we're talking HC, I'd craft the gear slots you mentioned. Your gear is very solid for HC.


Yes, I've flipped items, swapped gold, etc.....no surprise there.

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